Philippines: For Valentine's Day, a mayor rewards his single employees

Philippines: For Valentine's Day, a mayor rewards his employees for


On Valentine's Day, single employees of a Philippine town hall are going to be paid more on Tuesday, as the mayor wants to reward them for working overtime. And remind them that “someone loves them”. 

People who have been single for more than five years and who work for the municipality of General Luna (southeast) in the province of Quezon will receive the equivalent of three days' pay, Mayor Matt Florido told AFP.

Other staff hearts to take will have to settle for double pay or a paid day off.

“I know what they are going through today, I understand them,” said explained Mr. Florido, who says he has been single “since birth” and pays 28,000 pesos (475 euros) out of his own pocket to carry out the operation.

“For Valentine's Day, nobody will give them chocolates or flowers […] So we thought of giving them this kind of gratuity so that they can also feel that someone cares for them, that someone love them.”

This is the third year that Mr. Florido has given a bonus to single people working for the pineapple-growing community.

The money is also recognition of the hardships imposed on staff members without a partner, who must work overtime if necessary.

“At home, they have lighter obligations, so whenever we need them to work overtime, when relief operations are taking place, or forgo sleep to serve the city, we can always count on them,” he argued.

Of the 289 employees of the municipality, 37 have met the conditions required to obtain this bonus, after having been subjected to a rigorous verification process to confirm their status.

Eligible staff were asked questions about when they last had a relationship, or the reasons for their breakup and continued celibacy.

“We are a very small town, so everyone knows everyone. We can't hide anything,” said Mr. Florido.

The bonuses will be distributed on Tuesday evening during a Valentine's Day party organized for all staff, during which games of seduction will take place.

“Who knows, they could end up getting together,” says the mayor. “Maybe they are already hitting on each other.”