Philosophy for all

A philosophy course for all was given by Véronique Grenier at Boquébière. This was the first course of the session of the Université populaire de Sherbrooke (UPOPS), and it was an opportunity for many to play students, a beer in hand.
For the occasion, the population of Sherbrooke moved in very large numbers and filled the microbrewery in a most convivial atmosphere. This has helped create a classroom-like environment, with the only difference being that you can sip your favorite beverage. It’s all in the spirit of what UPOPS stands for: “We are proud to offer classes without a classroom, without exams, without having to pay,” said Sondès Allal, one of the women behind UPOPS . “We believe that education is for all, and it is in the pleasure that we will develop knowledge,” she added in the early evening. The event, offered in partnership with the Sherbrooke Coalition for Street Work, was a great success.

Philo 101

The very first course was brilliantly conducted by Véronique Grenier, a philosophy teacher at Cégep de Sherbrooke. The objective of this first session was to establish some fundamentals of philosophy in order to develop a critical attitude to the abundance of information that we receive every day. “The reason why taking a philosophy course and continuing to develop your skills in philosophy is so important is because you have to deal with a lot of information on a daily basis,” explained Ms. Grenier before proposing a training exercise. Plenary reading on false news. She presents the quest for truth as essential to a healthy democracy. This is exactly what she dissects throughout her course by addressing in passing the Greek philosophy of Socrates to Epictetus.

A fundamental exercise

Philosophy is a tool of great importance for anyone involved in society. In the digital age, while some pages in cyberspace relay misleading information, it is crucial to guard against false news. That’s what Felix Morin, a teacher of early childhood education at the Cégep de Sherbrooke, was saying. “Philosophy is important for all, there is no age to continue learning,” he added. As the evening drew to a close, Ms. Grenier suggested some reading to her many students, all absorbed by the teacher’s words. It is obvious that the table is set for the second course, which will take place Wednesday, May 16 at 17 pm at Boquébière. Ms. Grenier will then embark on the art of arguing and problematizing.

The May program of the Upops will also continue next week with the first of three courses of American Politics Karine Prémont, Monday at Boquébière, and the beginning of Consumer Law offered by Marie-Claude Desjardins, Tuesday. at Kàapeh.

Professor Louis Côté will be offering a session on Crisis Management on the 23rd at the Tapageur, while Jean-François Létourneau will open the doors of Amerindian Literature on May 28th, 29th and 30th in Kàapeh to conclude this first session.

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