Photo objective: Capri at sunrise

Photo lens: Capri at sunrise


I could title this column: “Capri for me alone.” While my stay on the neighboring island of Procida turned out to be a real crush, I am heading to Capri with very high expectations. This vertiginous island off the Sorrentine Peninsula, known for its remarkable beauty, has an exceptional offer of resorts. With a reservation for two nights in guest accommodation, I arrive there with the dynamic descriptions of the tourist guides.

The moorings released, the ferry leaves for Naples, which lacked atmosphere in the winter season. Almost everything was closed, including hotels, luxury shops and restaurants. Inevitably, the descriptions I read were intended for the summer season. Nevertheless, there are many spectacular landscapes around me, which ultimately makes me happy. I stroll through the winding streets lined with several breathtaking viewpoints, including the series of three rocky mounds that rise out of the sea. However, among the distinctive landscapes of the place is this small row of businesses along the Piazza Angelo Ferraro. Overhung by steep cliffs, this panorama is transformed under the light of sunrise. 

Camera: Canon EOS R6 MKII

Lens : RF 24-105mm

Exposure: 1/320 s at F/8

ISO: 250< /p>