Photo objective: sunset over Jemaa el Fnaa square

Photo lens: sunset over Jemaa el Fnaa square


Although comments regarding the experience of a visit to the souks of Marrakech sometimes diverge, I had the opportunity to judge for myself. I admit that circulating in the heart of Moroccan markets is quite intense and intrusive. Nevertheless, the days preceding my immersion in these busy places allowed me to understand that commerce is based on negotiation and approaches the theater. Thus, animated by a “theatrical” state of mind, I sink into the small, narrow and crowded streets. In a few minutes, here I am well wedged in a sofa of a rather dusty back room and overloaded with treasures. I covet a bracelet nonchalantly and without too much interest. My host passes me a pencil followed by a piece of paper with a line drawn down the center of it. He writes his price and lets me write mine in a column with my name. We use our respective strategies to achieve our ends. The dirhams go up and down over this somewhat eclectic discussion. The trader tries to soften me up with a sweet mint tea when I use more firmness. To be honest, the exercise becomes very nice. It is a pleasure to pay slightly more to encourage this man. Once back in the main square, I choose a terrace overlooking the market and sip another tea. I'm admiring this beautiful sunset with my new wrist strap! 

Camera: Canon EOS RP

Lens: RF 50mm

Exposure: 1/60s at F/10

ISO: 250