Photo objective: the shameful door of the island of Gorée

Photo lens: the shameful gate of Gorée's Island


Among the strange places I have visited in my life, the island of Gorée stands out… It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, a paradoxical atmosphere inhabits the island. This peaceful place reveals a magnificent beauty. Its small pedestrian streets in the colors of the sun exude calm and well-being. A pleasant atmosphere reigns there. On the other hand, it is also the place of a tragic episode in the history of humanity…

Located off Dakar in the Atlantic Ocean, the island de Gorée was the largest slave trading center on the African coast. Between 1726 and 1848, it is estimated that up to 15,000 people were deported to this place. Visiting the cells and dungeons where the human beings were crammed together is blood-curdling. Without a shadow of a doubt, the door of the one-way trip troubles us even more. But, it remains difficult to assess with precision how many men and women who lost their freedom were embarked on ships, in the direction of the unknown. This seaward doorway and the rocky ground worn by footsteps under domination remain a sight one cannot be proud of as a human.

Device: Cannon EOS R6 MK II

Lens: RF 24-105mm

Exposure: 1/250s at F/5.6< /p>

ISO: 250