[PHOTOS] A first post-COVID for the quebecois film “Suspect Number One”

[PHOTOS] Une première post-COVID pour le film québécois «Suspect Numéro Un»

MONTREAL | Sign that the déconfinement cultural advance, a first red carpet post-pandemic took place on Wednesday night, the cinema of the Museum of Fine Arts, Montréal, to celebrate the release of the film québécois Suspect number one.

Upon arrival in front of the cinema, the procedure was unusual. Before you open the door, an attendant asked the usual questions as to whether we had symptoms or met someone who have the virus. Once in the hall, everyone was invited to wash their hands and to comply with the rules of distancing. The wearing of the mask was also mandatory in the common areas, but at the discretion of each throughout the film. No question, however, sit anywhere, everyone had a place assigned to the entry in the room.

In spite of everything, a joyful atmosphere reigned in the cinema, the guests are visibly delighted to reconnect with a semblance of normal life. And, once the room plunged in the dark, the magic of the cinema was back.

“It is a bit of science fiction, when it happens, because everyone has masks. It must send the message to the public not to be afraid and to come and support our culture and our cinema. I found it important to be present this evening to encourage the quebec cinema.” – Mariloup Wolfe.

“It is a new way of doing for all of us. I hope to bring a little entertainment into the lives of people who need it with this film. For those who are tanned from being in them for months, they can now afford the pleasure of going into a cinema to tell a story for a little over two hours, and it is probably safer than going to the grocery store, because it is in contact with less things and fewer people.” – Antoine Olivier Pilon, who plays the main role.

“I am very happy to return to a cinema and to find the pleasure to share films with the public. We all watched a lot of movies and series in the last three months, but there is a magic that occurs when one finds oneself in a movie theater. I look forward to seeing the film in the room this evening, with my father.” – Rose-Marie Perreault, actress in the film.

“I finished the film, a couple of years ago, and it should be out in April. It’s thirteen years that I have been working on this film, and it makes me so happy to get it out now. I tell myself that the movie theaters open, and they need interesting material to present to the public.” – Daniel Roby, director of the film.

“I’m happy. For me, the cinema is the perfect setting to experience the visions created by artists from here and elsewhere. The reopening of the rooms is to celebrate according to me.” – Antoine Desrochers.

“It is reassuring to see that it continues, that it is possible to do it and that people make huge efforts for this to be possible. I am very happy.” – Frédéric Millaire-Zouvi, actor of the film.

“It really is a lot of excitement and nervousness. I was also curious to see the procedures put in place. But it is so nice to have an event to my calendar, I thought about it all week.” – Sophie Nélisse.

“This is the new reality for some time, but I think that’s a shame for Daniel Roby. He has worked so hard for this movie, and the Covid is happening now.” – Frank Schorpion, actor in the film.

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