[PHOTOS] Festival “This evening we are going to char”: the humour Of char

[PHOTOS] Festival «Ce soir on char»: De l’humour de char

SAINT-EUSTACHE | The atmosphere lacked a bit of energy, on Tuesday evening, the first evening of the festival “This evening we are going to char” at cinéparc of Saint-Eustache. Philippe Bond and Dominic Paquet, the two leaders, however, have not spared energy to give the impression that everything was normal in the context.

To stay in the concept, each of the clubs arrived in a vintage car in front of the stage. Philippe Bond was the pane of a car colored, while Dominic Paquet was in the trunk.

The two started out by talking about their experiences of cinéparcs. “This is the first time that, during a “show” of humor, people will be able to make love in their car at the same time”, exclaimed Philippe Bond, to the chagrin of his team-mate, who, however, admitted to having already tried it. “But I did not like it. I’m too big. I prefer to do it in a bed.”

For the occasion, they invited the mascot of the evening, Covida, which had a strange resemblance with the famous virus. They have taken the opportunity to recall all the things that we could do before the pandemic. “Imagine, there were even people who you walked in with the clammy hand, exclaimed Dominic Paquet. For most young people, it is like a hand that drool, it’s disgusting.”

To each argument of what we can no longer do so, they took advantage to hit on the mascot of the virus as revenge.

Pierre-Luc Pomerleau was then gratified the assistance of a few imitations well felt of Louis-José Houde and Laurent Paquin, before we talk about what he is no longer obliged to do, for his pleasure, such as getting dinner, or accepting gifts hostess unnecessary.

At the time of writing these lines, P-A Méthot, Jérémy Demay, Billy Tellier, Mariana Mazza and Messmer had yet to succeed on stage.

The two evenings of the first edition of the festival “This evening we are going to char” are sold out, with 1300 cars per evening. A portion of the cars were facing the scene, while the others were spread out in front of the other four screens cinéparc that were broadcasting the images of the show.

All the numbers presented during these two evenings will be the subject of four television shows, released this fall, and V.

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