Photos: Genevieve Bujold

Photos souvenirs: Geneviève Bujold


In 1969, the young Genevieve (26 years old) was recognized at the international level through the title role in that it defended in the british film Anne of the thousand days, with Richard Burton, this historical film tells the story of the tragic and short life of Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII of England. For this role, the quebec actress will receive the award for best actress in the Golden Globe-american and a nomination for the prestigious Oscars.

It was 50 years ago !

Her pretty face, in the film The act of the heart, released in 1970. Geneviève Bujold plays a young protestant lover of a catholic priest, none other than Donald Sutherland. This is one of the five films that she will be running with her husband, who will be later a good friend, the filmmaker’s English-canadian Paul Almond. His role earned him the canadian price Etrog (Genie) for best actress.

The province of Quebec at heart

In 1972, Geneviève Bujold and songwriters Pierre Létourneau and Claude Gauthier. The latter had shared with her the star of the film Between the sea and freshwater), a feature film phare du cinéma québécois, inspired by the life of singer and directed by Michel Brault. With Brault, the actress will turn in four films, including The Wedding of the paper , which earned him a Gemini in 1990. She returns regularly turn in Quebec.


The career of Geneviève Bujold was played also in France, where she made her debut with Yves Montand and Jean-Paul Belmondo, in Canada and in the United States. In 1984, she became the lover of Clint Eastwood (pictured) in the thriller american The tightrope. Over the years, she will play close to 60 characters in the film, including the, complex, the masterpiece of David Cronenberg, Dead Ringers (Faux-semblants), in 1988.

In this period of a pandemic, Genevieve Bujold is the only one in confinement in his apartment, located in the mountains of California. She took the opportunity to watch good films and she reads a lot. The mother of two sons (Matthew, born in 1968, and Emmanuel, born in 1980) she can’t see for the moment. Next work, a film project where she was to participate, has been put on ice.

You can see quebec films in which Genevieve Bujold played on Elephant – Memory of quebec cinema, to, and including all the films she shot with her ex-husband, Paul Almond, including the first, Isabel, released in 1968, and Act of the Heart (Act of the heart). There are also the movies she has filmed with Michel Brault, in which , Between the sea and the fresh water, My friend Max and The Wedding of the paper, as well as Kamouraska by Claude Jutras.

You can rent most of these movies on illico from Videotron, or on the web, here, as well as on iTunes.

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