[PHOTOS] Girls who died: Carpentier still not found after 6 days of searching

[PHOTOS] Fillettes décédées: Carpentier reste introuvable après 6 jours de recherches

Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

Martin Carpentier remains at large. Despite a sixth day of searches, on Tuesday, no significant progress has been reported in the quest to find the father of the two girls died in Saint-Apollinaire.

This new day of research is concentrated in a radius of 50 square kilometers, a perimeter, shared between the municipalities of Saint-Apollinaire and Saint-Agapit.

It is essentially of quadrilateral raked by the ground and aerial teams since Saturday, delimited between the rows Saint-Lazare, the Bois-Joly, Wood Garlic and the road to the Ormière. It is in this sector that small Norah and Romy have been discovered lifeless on Saturday.

The research teams have spent the whole morning in the fields and woodlots near the road Rousseau and the rang Sainte-Marie Est, Saint-Agapit. A site that had already been combed through Monday.

The operation, which is held and another in a rank private in Saint-Agapit, however, have not given results. The police are once again returned empty-handed to dinner time.operation, which is held and another in a rank private in Saint-Agapit, however, have not given results. The police are once again returned empty-handed to dinner time.

According to Hélène Nepton, spokesperson for the SQ, the information is forwarded continuously to the police authorities, and they are validated as they are received.

For a second day, a plane from Transport Canada, equipped with a powerful thermal imaging camera came to support the efforts of the Sûreté du Québec to spy on wood.

As at the end of each day, the investigators were seated mardir evening to re-evaluate the deployment of the workforce to the days to come. It is possible that these may be revised downwards.

“The loves of his life “

As the research continued, the misunderstanding persists among those who have rubbed shoulders with the man.

A colleague of Martin Carpentier, Myriam Bouchard, told the Newspaper that she had a “total shock” when she learned of the disappearance of the father and his two daughters.

Even more difficult to understand what could have happened with his colleague from work, as she describes it, “always in a good mood, always smiling, “although” very reserved “. There was nothing to suggest that such a story would involve, jure-t-it.

“He spoke of his daughters and it was the love of his life. They were everything to him. Norah, he was so proud of his maturity for his age, ” recalls Ms. Bouchard of his conversations with Carpentier when the two shows regularly on construction sites.

If the mystery plane as to what happened to Norah and Romy, it appears to be “completely unthinkable” that he could take the life of his daughters to that he would have “turned the Earth upside down,” says Ms. Bouchard.

“You wonder why ? Where is he ? If it is him who did it ? Knowing it, we are not able to imagine that he was able to do such a thing, just does it to understand. I never felt that he was sad or in depression. It is even he that made us happy. “

Martin Carpentier has not been seen since Wednesday when he was crossing in a convenience store in Saint-Nicolas with his daughters Norah, age 11, and Romy, 6 years. The two girls were found dead in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire Saturday.

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