[PHOTOS] health Technicians: the coup in front of the national Assembly

[PHOTOS] Techniciens en santé: coup d’éclat devant l’Assemblée nationale

Exhausted by the efforts made in recent months in the fight against the COVID-19, health technicians ask the government for better working conditions, while the pandemic is slowing.

Thursday, their unions, have installed hundreds of shoes in front of the national Assembly of Quebec to “prove” the degradation of working conditions and the wear and tear that saw the staff of the network of health and social services”.

The negotiations of conditions of employment of staff in the public sector that is continuing are not progressing as quickly as desired, estimates the Federation of professionnèles of the CSN (FP-CSN).

“You don’t feel that we have before us a government that understands the problems experienced in the network. We request today to Mr. Legault and Mr. Dubé, the new minister of Health […], to put themselves in our shoes, and to seriously examine the solutions that we submit to them,” says its president, Ginette Langlois.


Yes, the offers pay of 5% over three years are taken into account, but the union would also like the government to include this proposal to better conditions of employment.

For example, many professionals, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and psychologists, who have been called to work in NURSING homes during the crisis, must always provide weekend availability this summer. This complicates their vacation, says the president of the Union of professionnèles, technicians and technicians of the health and social services, Capitale-Nationale (CSN), Nicole Cliche.

“There is going to have better working conditions,” she says. Currently, we are stuck with waiting lists that lengthen as well as small teams that need to support an excessively large number of files and patients.”

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