[PHOTOS] lightning damage to a home in Lévis

[PHOTOS] La foudre endommage une résidence de Lévis

A couple and their children, in Lévis, owe a debt of gratitude to a neighbor who has noticed the presence of a fire in the roof of their century-old house that lightning had sparked unbeknownst to them, on Thursday morning.

Tobit Carrier, his wife and their children of 5 and 8 years old have been awakened by a “big boom” around 7 a.m. during a stormy episode important descended on the region, leaving the same behind him hail in places in the region.

However, it was not immediately smoke or sign of fire in the mansion of the rue Saint-Narcisse, in the area of Old-Lauzon.

Without the knowledge of the residents, the lightning had just hit the pole the wire of the clothesline that was connected to their house, according to the hypothesis preferred by the Service de sécurité incendie de Lévis.

“We still had electricity so was not too alarmed,” says the father of the family, who believed that a transformer had exploded.

“Very lucky,”

The small family had started her morning routine without doubt that the energy, passing by the clothesline, had made its way up to the attic of their home. Slowly, but surely, a fire was taking birth near the children’s bedroom.

“It took at least 30 minutes before it is known that the fire was taken, because we do not feel,” says the wife of Mr. Carrier, Véronique St-Germain.

Finally, it is a neighbour who informed them of the presence of smoke. The occupants, who are tenants of the house were able to evacuate and no one was injured or inconvenienced.

“We are very lucky, because it happened to the time where people get up to go to work. If it had happened during the night, maybe this would be a different story,” says Mr. Carrier, with a cold-blooded amazing.

The quick intervention of the fire brigade helped to limit the damage to the roof, and the home remains habitable. The damage is nevertheless estimated to be near $ 25,000 for the fire department.

Lightning causes another fire

Lightning is also suspected in the case of a fire that started during a lightning storm in a greenhouse, located behind the centre Jardin Bourbeau 1st avenue, at Charlesbourg.

The fire has not been injured, but caused heavy damage to the shelter in question, which was used for storage of various objects. There has been no spread to trade.

The blaze resulted in a dense black smoke due to the combustion of plastic. Thirty firefighters have controlled the situation in half an hour approximately.

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