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Photos souvenirs: Louise Marleau

Too beautiful

Icon of beauty, the actress has often denied roles by filmmakers who were too good for their character. Fortunately, others have written works specifically for her, including Léa Pool, Marcel Dubé with The return of the white geese, a play premiered in 1966. Forty years later, in 2006, the actress signed the staging of this tragedy on incest.

Dramatic roles

At the theatre with Daniel Gadouas in 1984, there are more than 35 years. The actress had managed to break this image of young, first that it would stick to the skin to play roles more dramatic. Is funny, the actress had made her stage debut at the age of 15 years, alongside the father of actor, Robert Gadouas, theatre The Magazine of the island of St. Helena.

Woman singer

December 1994, there was a little more than 25 years, with her husband, singer Claude Dubois. The newspapers had taken up the habit of marrying the beautiful actress every six months. But this time, it was true. The elegant Louise had chosen the rocker. Their wedding (in 1991) did much talking. They formed eventually a harmonious couple for over 15 years.

Burn the boards

Another time at the TNM, théâtre, where she was scheduled to play this summer. Louise Marleau went up on stage from the age of 15 years. Defending first roles of ingénues, she showed what she was capable of when her first husband, the director Jean Salvy, gave him his first role, strong in Suddenly last summer, in the 70’s.

Destiny path

An enigmatic beauty of which little is known, since the actress does not like talking about herself. Born Panet street in Montreal, a father salesman and a mother in the home, the childhood of Louise Marleau has been of short duration. She was only 10 years old when he was offered his first recurring role on television in the series in any weather, in 1955.

► Pandemic requires, Louise Marleau has had to resign ourselves to the postponement of the room to the valley of The swallowed from a novel Réjean Ducharme, as it had to play in the TNM this summer. Disappointed, she rejoices now in the fact that the piece has been delivered to the next year. “Finally the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

► In addition to the room The swallowed of the swallowed release next year, Louise Marleau will turn a great role in a comedy in quebec in the fall.

► There are around twenty of quebec films in which Louise Marleau has played on Elephant – Memory of quebec cinema, to In particular, The wife of the hostl, and Anne Trister by Léa Pool, as well as The Hard heart of san franciscor of Mireille Dansereau, roles for which she has won three acting awards. You can rent most of these movies on illico from Videotron, or on the web.

► Louise Marleau is the mother of Sarah-Jeanne Salvy end of his marriage with Jean Salvy. She is a grand-mother of a single grandson.

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