Photos: Marc-André Grondin

Photos souvenirs: Marc-André Grondin

Really C. R. A. Z. Y.

In 2005, during the ” festival of the films of the Venice film Festival, 15 years ago. Then 21 years old, the young Marc-André, propelled to the rank of a star thanks to the film by Jean-Marc Vallée C. R. A. Z. Y., lent itself to the game of photographers. The phenomenal success of this drama that tells the story of the quest of love of a young gay man Zachary (Grondin) for her father (Michel Côté) offered him a breakthrough in the world.

Great start

During a photo session, in 2006, about a year after the release of the film C. R. A. Z. Y. , which revealed it to the general public. Marc-André Grondin became a member of the jury for the film festival, Fantasia, who had won three best actor awards, including a Jutra award (Iris) for his role as Zachary, in C. R. A. Z. Y. This was only the beginning.

Here, as elsewhere

With Carole Laure in 2006, with whom he shared the launch of the québec film The Beautiful Beast, the story of the tragic love of a mother for her son. At the time, Marc-André was already popular in France. It will go to turn a number of films, including the reply to Gérard Depardieu and winning the César for the best hope, in 2009, thanks to his role in the First Day of The rest of your life.

Early start

In the broadcast of Radio-Canada, An adolescence skin deep, released in 1996, the young Marc-André (12 years old) performed the role of Michel Tremblay to 12 years of age. The author told of his youth and his narrative was interspersed with flashbacks. Son of the facilitator Denis Grondin, Marc-André has made his debut in the tv ads since the age of 3 years.


Marc-André Grondin transformed, on the set of the film The Case of Dumont, turned there are already nearly 10 years, title role for which he won the Jutra Award (Iris), and Engineering. The case of Dumont tells the story of Michel Dumont (photo) convicted of sexual assault, and then bleached. At 36 years old, the prolific actor has starred in about 25 films and a dozen tv series, in a career.

♦ Will return to tv this fall on Radio-Canada to the sides of Pier-Luc Funk in the new series Fragile, a captivating thriller of Serge Boucher (Confessions, Fires) that revolves around the improbable friendship of two guys from a small town, 22 and 35 years old, the oldest out of prison and trying to return to her middle-class family. Until then, you can see this series on HERE Extra.

♦ Marc-André plays one of the great roles of his career in Mafia Inc, of Podz, Vincent Gamache alongside Sergio Castellito (the godfather) and Gilbert Sicotte (his father), a hard film, in the heart of the mafia in montreal. Video-on-demand or on DVD.

♦ We can also see Marc-André in Until the decline, the first feature film of Patrice Laliberté and the first quebecois film financed, produced and distributed by Netflix. A thriller effective in mid-survivalist. The sides of Réal Bossé.

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