[PHOTOS] Northeastern United States: Philadelphia in bloom

[PHOTOS] Northeast USA: Philadelphia in Bloom


Several of you reacted with great enthusiasm to the magnificent spectacle offered by the Japanese cherry trees in Washington DC each spring. For those who were unable to orchestrate their getaway in time, know that there is always a great opportunity to catch up in another city in the northeastern United States that deserves to be visited.  

In fact, spring colors and flowers are celebrated in April in Philadelphia. Each year, the cherry trees bloom there about seven to ten days after those in the US national capital. Like Washington, the peak of flowering this year in Philly will therefore be expected earlier, around March 29. 

It is possible to admire them from several places across the city. Among my favorites, the Shofuso Japanese Cultural Center is worth a visit. It is a little-known gem, magnificent with its traditional house erected in Japan.  

The superb Japanese cultural center Shofuso is worth a visit.

The banks of the Schuylkill River are also dotted here and there with pink and white. To the east, along Kelly Drive, the ride is superb on the bike path, while, on the other side, Drexel Park offers a lovely view of the Philly urban skyline which stands out between the cherry trees. And just take a walk in Old City, or in neighborhoods such as Washington Square West, Bella Vista or the very pretty Rittenhouse Square, to discover the beautiful flowery streets. 

Dotted with cherry trees, Drexel Park offers a superb view of the city's urban skyline.

At Fairmount Park, the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival comes to life every year. It celebrates the sakura, but also the cultural links of the city with Japan. Several trees, almost centenarians, were planted in 1926 following the gift of the land of the rising sun to mark 150 years of American independence. Taiko percussion shows, kimono parades and several activities are on the program.

The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates cherry trees but also the cultural ties between Japan and Philadelphia.

The Art of Gardens and the Dandelion

It's not just the cherry trees that command attention. For just over a month, Spring Bloom is celebrated at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square. 

Longwood Gardens celebrates 'Spring Bloom' and is adorned with stunning color.

These sublime and exceptionally rich gardens attract enthusiasts from all over the world every year. Colorful tulips, more than 100,000, magnolias, daffodils, azaleas illuminate and embalm these Italian-style and French-style gardens dotted with fountains. 

Is it raining? We rush instead to the superb and revamped Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

As a matter of remaining in this spring theme, we discover in particular the exhibition Rhythms of nature: art and Drift studio design, which explores the relationship between nature and technology and the fragility of the future through an installation featuring the dandelion.  


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The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival will take place on April 15 and 16. The event is free and held near the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. 


To visit Longwood Gardens, you must buy your tickets in advance with entry at a fixed time. Once there, you can stay as long as you need.