[PHOTOS] Revolution on tour: breathtaking numbers that amaze you

[PHOTOS] Revolution on tour: breathtaking numbers that will blow your mind view


Nearly twenty pumped-up dancers, breathtaking choreography, a supercharged atmosphere… no doubt about it, the Revolution tour is the ideal antidote to February's gloom.

The dance community in Quebec will probably never have experienced such effervescence with the public. Do you doubt it? A little tour of the Revolution show will prove it to you beyond any doubt. 

On Thursday evening, each of the 19 dancers was welcomed like great rock stars, all applauded and acclaimed with an enthusiasm and fervor usually reserved for encores. The St-Denis Theater has never seemed so noisy and feverish to us as it kicks off this new tour, expected across the province until the summer. 

During coming months, Quebecers will have the opportunity to reconnect with, among others, Team White, Clique, Mikaël Larivière St-Hilaire, Ann-Florence and Ophélie Bégin, Yoherlandy Tejeiro Garcia, Marie-Josée Corriveau and Jason Morel, Sunny Boisvert and Sam Cyr.

Completely new

Building on the success of its previous tour, the concept of the show – which brings together star dancers from the various seasons of the television phenomenon – has been revamped here for this new tour. Because this time, it is around new numbers that the program of the evening revolves. Gone are the retellings and repeats of highlights from the Sunday show, except via some brief video interludes projected on stage between numbers. 

And it's probably better that way. After all, the atmosphere on stage is markedly different from that of the TV set. Removed from the context of competition – and the incredible pressure it entails – these dancers are just as pumped up, certainly, but visibly more relaxed. 

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The spirit of fraternity that reigns on the boards is also a pleasure to see over the scenes where the soloists unite, where the duets and groups intermingle, where the union is invariably strength. Because artists very rarely leave the stage, constantly working for the same purpose: to impress. And that, they succeed hands down. 

In fact, the Revolution tour is a compendium of energy, of “oumph” and “wow”, courtesy of breathtaking numbers that often defy the rules of gravity and physics. Dead times? There are not any. The 80-minute show – presented without intermission – flies by at lightning speed, leaving the audience galvanized, amazed and invigorated by the impressive surge of talent on stage. 

The Revolution tour is presented at the Théâtre St-Denis in Montreal until February 19. It will move to the Capitole de Québec on March 2, with stops also planned in Saguenay, Gatineau, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke. For all dates: revolutionentournee.com.