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The end of cabbage

Stéphane at the age of 2 and a half years. The legend does not say if it was a comic, but you have to admit that it was adorable. In spite of everything, Stéphane has experienced a difficult childhood have been tossed in six foster families before finding the right one. The comedian and presenter is now the father of two children that he spoils a lot.

Funny nurse !

Stéphane was working at night in nursing in a hospital, at a time when he was studying at the national School of humour. He finally got his diploma from the ENH in 1994, at the end of his twenties, there was a little more than 25 years. Quite a career change ! It was at Montmorency College (in nursing) where it was the improv that he decided to become a comedian.

Before the children

With his wife, Sabrina, on a trip “backpack” in Morocco, there is a little more than 10 years. It was before you became parents. “Our last moments of freedom “, plaisantera the comedian. In fact, the couple came back from this trip with a baby on the way in the tummy of the mom.

Long-time friends

Surrounded by Pierre Hébert and Philippe Laprise, during the show thank God!, in Montreal in 2012. The three comedians are great friends and they have worked together often, even if Stéphane was a graduate of the national School of humor of a ten years before the other two.

A mentor

There is approximately 20 years, alongside Patrice L’écuyer, a man that Stéphane must much, as it is the facilitator that he has learned the importance of rigour. Stéphane Had was crowd animator for one of the talk shows of Patrice, and he has also been author on the issue of The Squire. Every time these two meet, it is a real pleasure.

  • Stéphane says that he lives his confinement more pleasant than he had imagined, in spite of a little anxiety in the face of work and ” a little less hope in the human being “. He became the teacher of his children. He ends work at home, that he was turning always to a later time and he plans his future professional projects with his team. “I’m completely disillusioned with news, opinions of the people and of the negative ! I’m not bad either disconnected accounts Facebook and Twitter during the pandemic, ” he said. Side work, like all artists, he has lost a lot of contracts, but he took the opportunity to create a web-series of the daily unpretentious with his family, In Taken! He also participated in the Comedy Wi-fi of Phil Roy, and produced a concept interviews live on Sunday morning, Coffee photos with Taken! To see its page on Facebook.
  • Stéphane Had to resume the highways of the Quebec as soon as the fall with his show more signal. The pure stand-up was very well received by the critics.
  • The facilitator has recently confirmed that there will be a seventh season of the reality show Shelter animal. You may wish to review several episodes of the previous series on, illico and Casa.
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