[PHOTOS] TD musiparc: Rocker at a drive-in park with France Of Love

[PHOTOS] TD musiparc: Rocker au ciné-parc avec France D’Amour

MERCIER | France Love energy also invigorating contagious, fiery Mercier, Thursday evening, in the framework of the series TD musiparc.

Her audience on four wheels, had a beautiful show sometimes shy, the singer offered a concert generous, to the height of the beast scene it has always been.

A forty cars filled the large parking lot of the ciné-parc de la Rive-Sud. There could be many more. A pity, because Love, in great shape, was visibly pleased to grabbing a new guitar and microphone, flanked by three musicians and a backing singer. At least, those who were there were able to revel in her voice still clear, his sense of humour, teasing and its timeless success.

Tubes and new

“What courage to come and see a show in your car when rain is forecast… I think it was the cream of the public this evening!”, said the prestigious guest by way of introduction. A small choir of car horns did not take long for him to respond joyfully.

The singer-songwriter has also quickly seized the opportunity to laugh in the particular context, which acted as host.

“I see you, there! It is not because you are in your cars as I do not see you”, she advised, to the place of a driver who had triggered the movement of its wipers.

The one that renouait with his rock roots last fall as a proposed album Of Love and Rock’n’roll has ressassé several old tubes (I will not go elsewhere, The happiness makes you the eye, I hear your voice, Will you not Animal, Living), as well as a few titles plus expenses (Courage, and Everything to gain, Bruises on my heart), in swaying, hopping, skipping and writhing, his arms hanging, still on one leg. Decidedly, the mid-fifties fits really well in France Love.

In between songs, the lady went there with anecdotes, comedy and reflections on the fun stuff. In particular, she was told they “eat their emotions” (in the form of chips) during the containment and having done a lot of puzzles. There was perhaps it, too, to compare The Voice to Young talents Catelli

Formula friendly

Recommended as one of the solutions allowing artists to stay in contact with the public in this period of pandemic influenza and social distancing, the experience of the show in cine-parc is nice and compares easily to that of a rendez-vous festival. It is equally surprising that the process has not been exploited before.

Except that instead of massaging in a crowd possibly a carrier of the virus, it lives in the moment more, each for himself, with the windows removed or rolled down, radio tuned to the right station to hear the music as if one was traveling on the highway, the volume to maximum.

The experience allows us to continue to enjoy the show, even if it falls a few droplets: the skies were threatening, on Thursday, but has ultimately left the audience moved to fun in peace. Well installed in his car, we allow the same goodies as in the movie nights of the past and… we share our space with mosquitoes, which take them also to enjoy the party! We will offer this free advice to upcoming spectators of the events musiparc : hang your mosquito repellent! You’ll thank us for it.

Of course, the formula has its limits. The many jokes launched by France D’amour fell occasionally flat Thursday, several people are still “confined” in their body. Difficult to laugh and interact with his neighbor when the scrap between us!

On the other hand, the cacophony of car horns and lights that greeted the artist at the end of his songs was enough to give headaches to the neighbors (several miles away, fortunately).

“There are tanks that jasent between them”, has badiné France at the end of a frenzied “Everything to gain”. A few people installed on folding chairs, however, have the pleasure of reactions demonstration to the artist, who spared no winks to personalize its relationship with its interlocutors.

The organization of the series TD musiparc have also tried to make his evenings entertaining to the maximum by offering quizzes on the screen before the start of the representation. The alcohol-free beer was also distributed free of charge to people at the entrance to the site.

France D’amour will perform at the Bay of Beauport, Quebec, this Friday, 3 July, always in the framework of the series TD musiparc. More information is available at musiparc.com.

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