[PHOTOS] TD Musiparc: the horn, the new laughter

[PHOTOS] TD Musiparc: le klaxon, le nouveau rire

Attend a comedy show without hearing the laughter is very weird. But that does not mean that those who were attending the show Dominic and Martin Wednesday evening at the bay of Beauport has not been fun.

After the music concerts, the humor was featured for the first time in the vicinity of the river, in the framework of the tour TD Musiparc.

If the experience of concerts in front of the car is special with the music, it is even more so with humor. It lacks something crucial : to hear the bursts of laughter that normally inhabit a theater. But to show their appreciation, the audience that took place in the thirty cars present yesterday honked after every joke that hit the target.

Even if you could barely hear them, we could, however, see the laughter on the faces through the windows. We even observed some drivers, wiping away tears. Actually, it was a lot of good to finally reconnect with the humor live.

“I never thought I’d live to see this, said Martin Cloutier stepping on stage. This is surprising. We have already done shows in all kinds of conditions, even in a kitchen of a sugar shack!”

A duo of clever

One can imagine that the fact of not having the usual reactions must be very difficult for the clubs.

But in beasts of the scene and the veterans that they are, Dominic Furrow, and Martin Cloutier have put all the energy they had and have had no evil to reap the blows of the horn with the numbers from their show stand-up Just Dominic and Martin, that they had shortened to 60 minutes.

They have exchanged without any downtime on the observations of daily life, as expressions of the French language, strangely distorted by Dominic Groove, fatherhood, vegetarians, camping.

In the context, the duo has been, frankly, strong has never seemed to be destabilized. They even had the crazy laugh, a sign that happiness easy to find.

Martin Vachon

In the first part, the comedian and actor has been excellent in monologues in which he told anecdotes related to his role in the series Horse Serpent, to the birth of her blonde, her yoga classes or his trip to Las Vegas.

Just like with Dominic and Martin, we had the right numbers in his one-man-show. None of the comedians of the evening was not raised the pandemic in their numbers.

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