[PHOTOS] The tower of the olympic Stadium transformed into a stage

[PHOTOS] La tour du Stade olympique transformée en scène

MONTREAL | The top of the tower of the olympic Stadium was transformed on Thursday, the stage for the first time since its construction in 1976, when the artist Miro presented a show filmed by a drone and webcast live on Facebook.

Despite the many logistical challenges that such an event was, the quebec singer has been able to deliver a show highly convincing, without a hitch. The performance, clockwork, lasted a little over 30 minutes. Artists Claudia Bouvette, Sarahmée and Franky Fade accompanied Miro for the occasion.

The passage of 24 Hours, barely an hour before the start of the concert, musicians and technicians were hard at work to make this performance out of the ordinary a success. Musical Instruments, spinning, sound system, game consoles, cameras: everything was carefully installed on the roof of the tower, located at 165 meters above the ground, so as to ensure the safety of the musicians and the quality of the audio and video of the event.

The show has not been amplified to the passers-by who déambulaient around the stadium, but rather have been broadcast live through the numerous pages Facebook, including those of the artist, QUB music and Francos in Montreal. It is possible to listen to a replay on these same pages, in particular on facebook.com/mirobelzilofficiel.

Four cameras and a drone provided taken of the breathtaking view throughout the performance, accompanying the danceable rhythms and catchy the artist: a without-fault, both in terms of the audio with the visual.

“For the first time on the top of the tower of the olympic stadium!” has launched with enthusiasm the artist, a native of Granby, just a few minutes after having started the show.

And in spite of everything, we felt perfectly at ease, self-confident, so that he presented a few pieces from his most recent album entitled late on my life.

At the end of the concert, it is more than 20 000 people who had watched the video on one or the other of the pages on Facebook that carry.


As it was a musical performance never achieved before, several factors remain uncertain, difficult to control, and could cause problems in the evening of the event.

The weather has in particular forced the postponement of the show, originally planned for Tuesday night, and the internet connection was a source of concern for the musicians, the live broadcast based entirely on its reliability. Cables were routed on the roof for the occasion from the offices located in the tower.

“I’m very confident, showed with aplomb Miro, barely an hour before the start of his performance. I feel feverish, I feel very excited, especially the fact that we had not made the show for so long, it had been floating for so long, not to know what was going to happen. Here, the fact of being able to realize it in the moment on the stage, it’s like a revenge.”

In sum, a successful gamble for the artist, and a revenge delivered with aplomb.

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