[PHOTOS] Tour TD musiparc: a family celebration for Blue Jeans Blue

[PHOTOS] Tournée TD musiparc: une fête familiale pour Bleu Jeans Bleu

The humorous songs of Blue-Blue Jeans, appealed to all age groups. We had an eloquent proof, Friday night, when the oddballs denim gathered in front of an audience of 7 to 77 years, where young people were not the least expressive, the Bay of Beauport.

When a couple is watching a concert with a baby of a few months on the knees or when the voices of little girls sing , full-Bodied Coffee or laugh out of the antics of the singer Claude Cobra during Vulnerable as a baby cat, it demonstrates that the success of Blue Jeans Blue is based on a population base solid.

Blue Jeans Blue was the last gig covered by the author of these lines before the pandemic, in February at the Imperial. This was a good opportunity, in the framework of the series TD musiparc, compare. Also good outside in front of tanks and admirers spaced, as in front of an audience of screaming fans packed in like sardines, the Blue Jeans Blue?

Yes, they are crazy also, even if inevitably the atmosphere in the room is second to none. The quartet has also put a few songs before letting go completely slack.

But once on the machine, there was nothing more to their event. Their time offset from Pretty Woman and Lady In Red up to the apotheosis of Cotton fleece, going through the horns of the vehicles, which have sometimes served as a fifth instrument, the guys have filled their mission with flying colors.

Recurrence this evening, same time, same extension (105,3 FM).

Dynamic Kingdom Street

The duo electro-pop of Quebec Kingdom Street has an undeniable advantage over other artists in the series musiparc. A Couple in life, Patrick Donovan and Paméla Lajoie does not need to respect the distance and they used this asset to provide a first dynamic part.

On stage, the lovers have made it a game equal. The one as the other encouraged the crowd to honk the horn and flash the lights,” and they sang in turn to their pop tunes of summer, tailor-made to appeal to the programmers of radio.

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