[PHOTOS] Up to 4 hours of waiting

[PHOTOS] Jusqu’à 4 h d’attente

In part worried by the recent outbreak of COVID-19 at Costco Lebourgneuf, hundreds of people are still rushes to the testing sites of Québec city, Saturday, as the wait stretched on for long hours due to an influx without precedent.

Fleur de Lys, the staff has also been busy.

As of Friday, the site installed in the parking lot of the shopping center Fleur de Lys overflowed on Saturday. According to evidence gathered by The Newspaper, the waiting time was up to four hours at the beginning of the day.

Several citizens who had in the morning were redirected to the new site collection in the parking lot P1 to ExpoCité, which has been freshly started on Saturday morning.

It didn’t take long for a long queue to form. The passage of the Log, at the end of the morning, he had already expect to wait over an hour to go to the meeting of the medical teams installed in two tents.

“At 7 a.m., it was already full to the Fleur-de-Lys, it was anarchy down there. Everyone was to say to come [to the Expo-Cité], so that represses here, ” observed a father who has preferred to conceal his name and had to submit to a test in the company of his wife and his teenage daughter.

Common Source

Like a large contingent of drivers waiting, the man stood at the site of collection despite the absence of symptoms. Their common point : they have frequented the Costco Lebourgneuf between the 1st and 13th of August. Nine employees of the warehouse of the rue Bouvier received a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, a is being added on Friday, said the spokesman of the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale, Annie Ouellet.

The large pool of people covered by the recommendation for testing, resulted in a crowd as several people were coming back to the queue for a second day in a row, Saturday; the many hours of waiting for Friday, have not been successful.

The military Jonathan Larivière, met Saturday at the testing site of Fleur de Lys, was to be tested.

“Being military, I love so much to get a test. It is as a precaution for my fellow ” testified Jonathan Larivière, who began his wait at the site of Fleur de Lys in the early afternoon.

“I work in the public, so I’d rather not take the chance and get a test “, testified that Annie, who asked to withhold his family name.

Full throttle

The two sites run on full speed, so that the number of screening tests without an appointment-you should have reached a summit Saturday. Thursday, 1335 people have been tested, then 1440, Friday. Saturday, was expected to perform more than 1700 samples with the addition of a second site.

Among the hundreds of people who were waiting, some have taken the opportunity to spend time in very special way to the interior of their vehicle.

It was in particular the case of a mother and her son, an employee in a grocery store, which has seen the emergence of some symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus. “It’s 1: 30 a.m. as we wait, we have just finished our film. We’re going to have to find another one ! “, launched the mother.

The site of ExpoCité should be in place for at least a week, “said Annie Ouellet to the Journal, adding that “several” people have responded to the solicitation of the CIUSSS to fill the need for staff.

— With the collaboration of Jeremy Bernier


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