[PHOTOS] water main Breaks major Montreal

[PHOTOS] Bris d’aqueduc majeur Montréal

MONTREAL | An important water main breaks occurred early Sunday morning at the corner of Ontario street and De Lorimier avenue, Montreal, making travel by car in the area.

The leak is located on avenue De Lorimier, just at the exit of the pont Jacques-Cartier. The street was closed to traffic.

Work was already planned in the area this weekend. This break, therefore, makes the movement even more difficult for motorists.

The officers of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) are preparing to deploy to help the flow of traffic, as it is believed that the street could be closed for a good time.

“There were already several police officers to help with traffic because of the barriers that we had. Therefore, with the problem that we’re seeing this morning, the center of coordination for the movement is already in motion to know where is what they are going to put additional police officers to ensure that the movement of motorists is less painful during the day,” explained Benoit Boisselle, a spokesperson for the SPVM.

The Ontario street remains open to traffic despite the accumulation of water on the road.

Surprise wake up

Several citizens who live near the intersection flooded had quite a surprise this morning waking up.

This is particularly the case of Carmen Brisebois who is the owner of a building located on the avenue De Lorimier.

“I thought it was a torrential rain. I woke up and I saw a river, on De Lorimier”, she told.

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