[PHOTOS] With three awards, including “Artist of the Year”, Charlotte Cardin triumphs at the Juno Awards

[PHOTOS] With three awards, including “Artist of the Year” Charlotte Cardin triumphs at the Juno Awards


Artist, Song and Pop Album of the Year: Charlotte Cardin's star shone brightly and overshadowed international superstars The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes on Saturday, at the 2022 Juno Awards opening night. 

In their own backyards and in their absence, the Toronto idols had to settle for the crumbs left to them by the Quebec music sensation , which was already the most cited this year with six nominations. 

With each trophy she went for, she grew more incredulous and excited. “That's so cool!” she shouted, her Artist of the Year Juno in hand, after thanking everyone close to her. 

Only The Weeknd was able to compete with Charlotte Cardin by winning two Junos in categories where the Quebecer was not in the running. 

The last Quebecer to win the prestigious Juno for Artist of the Year? Leonard Cohen, in 2017. 

Last night, only the Juno for Music Video of the Year escaped Cardin, in favor of Xavier Dolan. 


It's not over. Tonight at the televised gala, she will be able to add two awards in the Album of the Year and Fans' Choice categories. 

“It makes me feel like my career is opening up into new territory. To be named to artists I admire is a great encouragement, ”she told reporters after her triumph at the end of the evening. 

She promised to work even harder to create new music, which could come soon. “After the release of (his first album) Phoenix, we were already working on the next tracks and ready to go back to the studio.” 

13 prices for Quebecers 

In addition to the triumph of Charlotte Cardin, this evening during which the majority of the prizes were awarded was also a moment of celebration for several Quebec artists. 

In total, Quebec leaves with 13 Junos. Cœur de pirate, who was not present, won the title of Francophone Album of the Year, ahead of Roxane Bruneau, Louis-Jean Cormier, FouKi and Vincent Vallières. 

< p>Three-time Grammy nominee last month, Montreal-born Allison Russell earned her first Juno for her album Outside Child

Allison Russell wins the Contemporary Roots Album of the Year award at the Juno Awards opening night, May 14, 2022, in Toronto.

“I was surprised that it was so moving to receive this recognition. I felt like I was in a meeting of a family I had chosen, of people who all have in common a real respect for the arts. Art is an essential service for humans,” she shared. 

Roxane Bruneau seduces 

Even if she did not win, Roxane Bruneau, invited to sing her success In my own way, was a hit in the press room with his sense of humor and his English style “yes, no, toaster which seduced and made journalists laugh. 

Quebec singer Roxane Bruneau performs at the opening night of the Juno Awards, on May 14, 2022, in Toronto.

“When they called me to invite me to the Junos and knowing that it was going to be in English, my first thought was to say no because I was afraid, but I told myself that I have to surpass myself, ”she mentioned.

We will see her again tonight, this time on national television, since she will present an award while addressing the crowd in both languages. “My text is written on a lined sheet,” she revealed before leaving the press room to applause. 

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