Physical and psychological abuse by a coach: Basketball Quebec was aware

Physical and psychological abuse by a coach: Basketball Quebec was aware

and Maude Boutet MISE À DAY

Basketball Quebec would have been informed of the actions of coach Danny Vincent without ever having sanctioned him, say four sources consulted by our Office of Investigation.

Remember that seven women claim to have been victims of various acts of psychological and physical abuse by the coach during their adolescence or early adulthood. Hands on the buttocks, degrading comments about their physical appearance and objects thrown in the face are among the gestures alleged by his victims. 

Danny Vincent has coached players across the country, like here, in this photo taken in Saskatchewan.

Vincent was also fired after viewing pornography at school.

Basketball Quebec which governs the sport in the province declined our interview requests due to the ongoing investigation into it.  

Last February, three basketball coaches from Saint-Laurent high school in Montreal were arrested on charges of sex crimes.  

Two investigations have been launched following the arrest of Saint-Laurent high school basketball coaches Daniel Lacasse, Charles-Xavier Boislard and Robert Luu for various sexual charges last February.  

The first investigation launched by the Ministry of Education directly targeted Saint-Laurent School. The report concluded in July that the athletes' “dignity” was compromised and that the facility had “significant deficiencies in oversight and controls related to the basketball program.” 

< p>The second is overseen by the Minister responsible for Sports, Recreation and the Outdoors. Minister Isabelle Charest was “greatly concerned” by the comments made by the organization's director general, Daniel Grimard. In an interview on QUB radio, he claimed to have received complaints in the past related to the behavior of at least one trainer linked to the scandal. 

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