Physical and psychological abuse by a coach: the Basketball Quebec organization reacts

Physical and psychological abuse by a coach: Basketball Québec ré acts


A few hours after the broadcast of a shock report on the program JE on allegations of acts of physical and psychological abuse targeting a basketball coach, the organization Basketball Québec reacts. 

Contacted by TVA Nouvelles, the organization says it takes “note of the allegations concerning the actions of Danny Vincent”.

“Basketball Québec takes note of the allegations concerning the actions of Danny Vincent in educational institutions and, although it has not yet been able to confirm having had knowledge of these in her files, has no reason to doubt the information that she may have been made aware of certain inappropriate behavior. 

The formal reporting mechanisms currently in place allow each complaint to be recorded officially and forward them to the appropriate body. Previously, such information would have been sent to the organizations managing the school activities in which the coach worked, so that the appropriate measures could be implemented. It is sad to see that the acts for which he was accused did not prevent his progress as a coach.

Basketball Québec is in constant communication and works in close collaboration with the Ministry of Sport, du Loisir et du Plein air and encourages anyone who is the victim of abuse, harassment or violence to file a complaint immediately on the “I file a complaint” platform available on,” said Basketball Québec.