Physicians called another danger of excessive salt intake

Медики назвали еще одну опасность чрезмерного употребления соли

Consumption of salt can lead to several dangerous diseases

Scientists have long been told that a person needs to monitor salt intake, as high intake may lead to cardiovascular disease, writes the online edition of the with reference to

The study is published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

However, apart from the risk of high blood pressure, the researchers found another factor relating to salt and explicitly pointing to the connection of the intestine with the brain.

Scientists have tried to explain how the use of this product can lead to autoimmune diseases.

In the study mice were put on a diet with lots of salt. They have found violations of cognitive abilities, and signs of impaired circulation.

Such violations are recorded, even in the absence of high blood pressure. This means that even if rodents are able to cope with hypertension, which occurs because of a diet high in sodium increased the risk of stroke and senile dementia (dementia) can be maintained.

The researchers concluded that consumption of salt leads to stroke and dementia.

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