Physicists have proposed a new model of the Universe

Физики предложили новую модель Вселенной

Dark matter and dark energy can comprise a single fluid flow.

Scientists from Oxford University have proposed a new cosmological model that explains the interaction of dark matter and dark energy. Under the assumptions of physicists, these two substances account for 95% of the Universe, but invisible, and their physical nature remains a mystery.

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The standard model Lambda-CDM does not describe the properties of these elements. British physicist James France with his team proposed to modify the model. He believes that dark matter and dark energy can comprise a single fluid stream that has negative mass and gravity. In fact, it means that the Lambda-CDM lacks a minus sign.

Presumably, the theory of France can be proved by a series of experiments using a giant radio telescope project, Square Kilometre Array.

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA found in the constellation of the Altar, a star with extremely low content of metals. According to astronomer Kevin Schlaufman, she caught fire in the milky Way galaxy approximately 13.5 billion years ago, almost immediately after the Big Bang.

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