Pianoboy amused fans with a new photo

Pianoбой рассмешил поклонников новым фото

Ukrainian singer Dmitriy Shurov has shared a funny photo with a different hairdo. Fans of the star already predicting the new style popular.

Dmitry Shurov, also known as Pianoboy, tried on on the head of the plant. The singer published a humorous picture with custom hair. As decor the man used the leaves of potted flower.

Shurov signed photo with the words “All the rappers color their hair,” and added, “Well, what have I done”.

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#sarapanicaway #notimage #ecotrophology

Publication of Dmitry Shurov (@dmitry_shurov) 25 Jul 2018 12:36 PDT

Fans of Reporoa understood the joke and began to support the singer in his new role. Some have even suggested that such a wig can be a trend and will soon appear in other Ukrainian performers.

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