Picnic health

Pique-nique santé

The summer is ideal for picnics with the family. We like to take the time to stop in a green spot or the edge of a swimming pool to celebrate the beautiful days around a meal, with a tinge of freshness. Tips for a picnic successful!!

Safety first

If the beautiful wicker baskets are the most beautiful, the best option is the cooler that allows you to keep the food cool. It is equipped with packs and we freeze our juices and beverages to keep our food cold (below 4 °C).

Side menu

The sandwiches are always popular in the summer. We like their hands-and the fact that they whole family will love. My advice for a sandwich health :

1) Choose a whole grain bread (plain, flat, English muffin, tortilla or sliced bread). You can also call a sandwich in a lettuce leaf or kale to add to the variety.

2) Choose a trim protein.

To support us in the afternoon, it is better to garnish her sandwich with a protein source.

A few ideas :

  • Tomatoes-bocconcini-strawberries-arugula
  • Hummus, roasted red peppers, halloumi
  • Puree of red lentils, sauce, yogurt, spicy watercress
  • Chicken-fresh grapes-mayo lying in the plain yogurt
  • Tuna-apple-celery-curry
  • Chicken-pesto-cheese
  • Egg-fennel
  • Cheddar cheese and apple, sliced
  • Turkey sliced, spinach, pear
  • Northern shrimp, mayo lite, celeriac

Check out my ideas for sandwiches moose : veggie-pâté/pesto, beet, sandwich rolled chicken caesar sandwich Banh-mi on my blog : www.isabellehuot.com/blogs/recettes-et-conseils.


The salads are also very much appreciated in the summer period. We love the freshness and the variants are many.

  • Pasta salad with tuna and black olives
  • Rice salads with chicken and nectarines
  • Salad with three legumes
  • Salad-strawberry-spinach-goat cheese
  • Salad of watermelon, prawns, feta cheese and fresh mint

Why not a salad of couscous or quinoa ?

  • Couscous salad, mediterranean tofu
  • Quinoa salad with citrus and salmon
  • Couscous salad, chicken and grapes
  • Quinoa salad with chickpeas and almonds
  • Couscous salad pearl sun-dried tomato, turkey and basil
  • Quinoa salad with yellow beets, edamames and pine nuts

To drink

I love the organic teas Health Tea (30 calories and 6 g of sugar only), the maple water Maple 3 subtle taste of maple, the new flavors of kombucha without sugar (Sencha Kombucha and Rise, in particular), the infusion of Yerba maté in vogue Mate Free (for adults only), juice bio to Impress, Food as the gazpacho to drink delicious and innovative. Otherwise the regular water, of course, that you can flavor naturally with slices of citrus and herbs.

Want of deli meats ?

Opt for those without nitrite added. Some contain the celery salt (which contains nitrates), other citrus extracts with antioxidant properties. The world of deli meats has evolved to respond to the sensitivity of consumers to eat products with ingredients lists clean.

The accompaniments

Raw vegetables of the season (think carrots nantaises, fennel and cauliflower color), dip in Greek yogurt or hummus (chick peas or edamames), skewers of vegetables and cheese, and crackers whole grain (or crackers seaweed or vegetables) are some of the good fixings.

To finish, the fruits are featured, they are rich in water, which allows you to be well hydrated, which is fundamental in the summer. The skewers of fruit like especially to children.

A few tips

  • Take a cooler and separate drinks, because it will open more often, which could affect the preservation of food.
  • Put the food the more fragile (meat, milk, eggs) at the bottom of the cooler, as this is the coldest part of the cooler, the ice (Ice-Pak) will be on the top, as the cold descends.
  • Always keep the cooler in the shade.

Good picnic !

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