[PICTURES] A young woman kidnapped in Beauport

[PHOTOS] Une jeune femme séquestrée à Beauport

A woman in her twenties would have been locked up and abused until she can finally warn aid all by itself, early Sunday morning, in the borough of Beauport.

The assault would have occurred in unclear circumstances, somewhere between 3h and 7h, in a housing of the rue Évangéline.

At least three individuals were in the apartment of the victim “for reasons that are still under investigation” when a “fight” broke out, tells the story of the lieutenant of the police of Quebec, Martin Salesse.

The young woman would have suffered injuries to the face and upper body. It would have been seized “a part of the night” to be able to get free to get help from the police, shows the lieutenant Salesse.

The police have found the presence of the young woman injured on their arrival. The paramedics were taken over for transport to the hospital to be treated. It does not fear for his life.

The injuries would have been inflicted by physical assault, but also with the aid of a weapon, ” says Salesse.

An investigation has been initiated in respect of assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and threats.

A person has been arrested and remain in custody while waiting to meet with investigators. Two other individuals are still being sought by police.

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