Pierre Bruneau: a chief of antenna to the front

Pierre Bruneau: un chef d’antenne au front

MONTREAL | Pierre Bruneau has a bit the impression of living the equivalent of an evening election to a daily rhythm since the beginning of the pandemic. On the air four hours per day to TVA and LCN, the head of the antenna is said never to have faced such a storm in 45 years of career.

The QMI Agency joins Pierre Bruneau on the phone at 14: 30 on Thursday afternoon. The press point 13 h comes to an end, and he is in the middle of dinner, and must get back to work fifteen minutes later to prepare the ballot of the VAT News 17-h and 18 h.

The man held this rate since 12 march, when the government took matters in hand to stop the pandemic of COVID-19 in Quebec. In the first months of the confinement, the pillar of the information worked six days a week, including Sunday. It is only since last week he is back to his regular schedule of four days per week. And, fortunately, the holidays are approaching.

“It is a bit crazy,” acknowledges Pierre Bruneau. The days are long and busy. After the news bulletin, it is necessary to be attentive to questions, to everything. You can’t do it in a dilettante. I admit that it is a job that I love, but which is very cluttered by the time that run!”

Ever seen

Pierre Bruneau admits it: he was “not thought ever to experience that [his] life”. Even in march, it did not have such an early summer. He remembers not the events that were held in Quebec in suspense in the past and made it his business to bright, as the slaughter at the Polytechnique (1989), the Oka crisis (1990) and the ice storm (1998), but never before have so many lives were at stake, and at such an international scale, he says. And he said that he is “not out of the woods”.

“Even today, 74 deaths, he says. Every day, we have a balance sheet that is heavy. This is a heavy, day-after-day, show the body that come out of a hospital, a CHSLD. Beyond the numbers, there are families who are bereaved, who live of death. And it is more than a statistic. It is a terrible thing. Me, I always say that behind every new, there are people. And these people expect that we have a thought for them.”

The communicator reminds us that even today, as we enter the déconfinement, we are swimming still in the midst of uncertainty with respect to vaccines, research, some rumors and false news, and many other items. Often ostracized by public opinion, the journalists and their work become more essential, the judge does it.

“People are finding that it is in fact not enough or too much. Our job is to ask questions. It is not in only one country of greenery and roses. It is a situation where people are dying. Is it necessary to take note of the 74 deaths, without questioning the where, when, how and why it occurred? Many are content to say that it is a crisis and that is the way it should be, but this is not the case. Is it that we could prevent half of these deaths?”

“Journalists recall some facts, which are leading governments to move. Why families who live dramas, and staff that lives the anxiety often turn to journalists? Because politicians do not listen to them. But when it passes into the hands of journalists, there is something going on,” says Pierre Bruneau, who argues that the media are much more “realistic” as “sensationalist”.

In the action

Confined as the rest of Québec at him, a few steps from the studios of VAT and near the Notre-Dame Hospital, Pierre Bruneau is always at the heart of the action. Their work environment complies with the directives of detachment physical, and he leaves his office to get away safely, but the collector of trophies, Artis admits that he’s eager to return to the proximity of its editorial team. And, of course, he is impatient with the idea of kissing her five grandchildren.

“That, we can’t wait to see!, lance-t-it spontaneously. It begins quietly ; the last week, we were able to see outside, as this is now allowed. We took advantage of this meeting, and we can do it again at the end of the week. It helps the morale!”

Pierre Bruneau anime news VAT News 12-h, 17 h and 18 h, TVA and LCN.

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