Pierre Lavoie, the gatherer

Pierre Lavoie, le rassembleur

When the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie has proposed to Quebecers to accumulate collectively a million kilometers in physical activity over a period of three days, the goal seemed ambitious.

But Saturday night, the million, calculated via the use of the application “1 million MILES together” created especially for the event, was already reached.

It says a lot about the ability of now Pierre Lavoie to bring together Quebecers around the physical activity.

And it impresses the president and chief executive officer of Quebecor, Pierre Karl Péladeau.

“The objectives have already been achieved, it is the beginning of the third day, I think that if it is, it will double the goals, he explained, Sunday morning, on the show “Salut, Bonjour!” on the airwaves of the chain VAT. This would not be surprising because Pierre Lavoie, when he launched challenges, they are always met, and even more.”

Mr. Péladeau knows how to recognize a good contractor, and Pierre Lavoie, he sees a whole.

“The Quebec of the past few decades, we have decided, and my father is an example, I think, to take ourselves in hand and to ensure that the economy belong to us, he recalled. And it is successful more and more. And this is also true for the community, and society.”

“We must go beyond the narrow confines of entrepreneur in economic to the social entrepreneur, has sued the boss of Quebecor, which is a partner of the Big Challenge. And we know the strength of the message of Peter. It is invested to ensure that a healthy lifestyle leads to a society that is more rich, more healthy.”

These habits lead to an economy more rich and save also the health-care system, he recalled.


The strength of the message of Pierre Lavoie was equally impressed by the minister responsible for Education, responsible recreation and sports, Isabelle Charest.

“The spirit of collaboration there is a lot with the Challenge, even in a virtual way, she also pointed out to “Hi, Hello!”. We see then that the goal has been reached before the end of the challenge. It is a tradition that has this spirit of collaboration. This is how we start the summer, usually.”

Ms. Charest sees it as “a big symbol, this year”, while Quebecers, who leave quietly the containment linked to the pandemic of COVID-19, take advantage of the opportunity to move a little more and participate in this new virtual version of the Grand Challenge.

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