Pierre Niney is going to make his first film “Without laughing”, on the censorship of humor

Pierre Niney va réaliser son premier film "Sans rire", sur la censure de l'humour

Pierre Niney is going to make his first film “Without laughing”, on the censorship of humor

The French actor, in addition to its current well-charged side acting, will make her very first film. Pierre Niney has co-written the scenario Without laughing, that he will realize and co-produce, and in which he also played a role. A feature length film will be a comedy-drama evoking the censure of the humour.

From actor to director

It’s official, Pierre Niney is going to realize his first film. This is Alain Attal (Treasure Films) which has formalized the production of the feature film this Friday, 10 January 2020. His name ? Without laughing. The filming is expected in the first quarter of 2021. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little while before you discover the big screen on the work carried out by the boarder of the Comédie-française.

The one who became dad to a second child with Natasha Andrews from in front to behind the camera. Pierre Niney will also co-produce the feature film with his company Ninety Films. The actor has even co-written the scenario with Igor Gotesman (director of the film Five and the series Family Business aired on Netflix).

In 2018, the hero of Yves Saint Laurent, The Promise of the dawn, The Odyssey , or even 20 years apart had confided to Allociné : “I develop my film”. “It is a comedy / drama that I’d like to create and play in too. I advance. A year from now may be ? (…) It is a film that I will co-produce and I am trying to discuss with partners” had specified which one was transformed for his role of a firefighter in to Save or perishwith a large muscle.

Pierre Niney is denounce censorship

But what exactly is going to talk about the first film directed by Pierre Niney ? Censorship of humour, a very timely topic. The synopsis ? “If the State of Balk has limited the individual freedoms of its citizens, most importantly, it has the distinction of having banned any form of humour and comedy for 30 years. A State where every giggle is a pattern of custody, each awkwardness an ‘attempted incitement to laughter’, each word an act of rebellion… Alain, the sixty, there is an existence of monotonous and lonely since his wife has fled the dictatorship. Her life will be turned upside down by his encounter with Max, a young man of 25 years, who has never known the emotion of a laugh but who is willing to do anything to discover the humor…”.

It will also present in three movies as an actor : the drama Lisa Redler Nicole Garcia (whose release date is still unknown), the thriller black Box of Yann Gozlan (which will be in theaters in November 2020) and OSS 117 : Alert red in black Africa Nicolas Bedos (currently shooting and should be out in February 2021).

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