Pierre-Yves Lord lost in space

Pierre-Yves Lord perdu dans l’espace

Pierre-Yves Lord has two passions that take up a lot of her free time : music and space. It is sufficient to ask only one question to the moderator on one of these subjects and can talk for a very long time.

At the beginning of his adult life, Pierre-Yves Lord worked as a DJ. During the containment of the spring, he took the opportunity to get back into his first love. Each week, on Instagram live, he invited his subscribers to 5-to-7 music, from Thursday to Saturday. He subsequently transferred his activities on the platform Twitch.

“I found it worthwhile to offer a service of mobile disco in confinement time,” he said. It’s been two years that I am equipped to make music at home. I explore the creation of beats. I reconnect with this passion-there. “

This time, it focuses a lot on the music that comes from elsewhere. His latest favourites in music ? Burna Boy and Ebo Taylor, he answers. “I carbide lot to the sound of Africa. Afrobeat, it’s hue a little of what I put into my DJ sets. “

Manic space

On the application of Radio-Canada, OHdio, it also hosts the new podcast Pierre-Yves on a space mission. “I’m really a maniac of space,” he said. I’ve always had a fascination for the quest of man, to discover the universe in which we live, what is happening in our solar system and beyond. In the five episodes, I’m trying to understand what is the dream of humans to fly in space. “

It will continue its work in the fall with 100 Geniuses , and Two men in gold. “These are two projects are extremely important to me and like me completely. “

Pierre-Yves was able to satisfy his passion for space by watching the National Geographic documentary, One Strange Rock. “It is with Will Smith and directed by Darren Aronofsky,” he said. It is sickening ! There are reflections of Will Smith on life on earth, interspersed with testimonies of the astronauts who went on the international space station. “

Still from the documentary side, Pierre-Yves Lord has also loved the series on Netflix The Last Dance, with Michael Jordan. “As a young teenager, I identified myself a lot in basketball. It was cool to see Black people perform. “

The suggestions of Pierre-Yves

On the space :

  • Pierre-Yves on a space mission (podcast)
  • One Strange Rock (documentary)

On african music :

  • Burna Boy
  • Ebo Taylor
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