Pimp wanted to buy teenage girl for $ 5,000

A proxy wanted to buy a teenage girl for $ 5,000

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A teenager who wanted to make a quick pass did not suspect that in a few days an alleged pimp was going to offer to buy it for $ 5,000 in order to make her his sex slave.

“Steve offered a lot of money, $ 5,000 to $ 10,000, I would have worked when he wanted, as he wanted,” said the victim of Steve Bédard and Benjamin Dion, during a police interrogation presented on Wednesday at the Montreal courthouse.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named by order of the court, recounted the terrible week she lived in August 2019, when she started looking for easy money in order to pay off a debt.

Dion, 20, who knew her while they were in a youth center, then offered to help her prostitute herself. Bédard, 27, then entered the scene and soon after, the teenager was exploited for the first time in her life.

“Benjamin was posting ads on sites, it was Steve who was texting them. customers, she reported. I was doing clients, I was doing them all the time. “

So even though she wasn't sold to Bédard in the end, she could start working at dawn. And after each pass, she had to give him all the money. To do otherwise would have been “suicide,” she said.

“He was telling me to shut my mouth, to remember that I was his bitch ,” the teenager said.

The questioning then got very emotional when the young person was questioned about filmed sexual assaults. But reassured by an investigator who reminded her that a team was there for her safety, the teenager opened up by adding that she didn't want to be “an object to be exploited”.

“They tied me up in handcuffs, they thought it was funny,” the victim explained with difficulty, saying that she was forced into sexual practices. They said it was to practice me. “

Saved in extremis

The teenager was then assaulted with a fake firearm, but as she was intoxicated, she did not didn't remember. She found out when she learned that videos of her were circulating on social networks.

These are the images that enabled the Tactical Intervention Group to save the victim, so that the accused were said to have been in discussions to send him to Western Canada. The police hammered down the bedroom door to arrest Dion and Bédard.

“I have never been so happy to see the police in my life. I certainly wouldn't have come back, ”the 17-year-old concluded, adding to speak for“ all the little girls who don't have the SWAT [GTI] coming to save them. ”

< strong> The trial of Dion and Bédard for trafficking in minors and sexual assault continues Thursday.

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