“PKP”, a relentless owner

“PKP” a hard-working owner


Finally… The Alouettes will now be able to operate with the resources that any professional training requires to achieve the objectives.  

In recent years, Mario Cecchini and his band have accomplished the improbable. With limited means and especially with an owner having no business model, an owner advocating the management of continuous absence.

Listening to Pierre Karl Péladeau during the press briefing confirming the purchase of the Alouettes, this concession will soon become an example for the Canadian League.


Because he is a stubborn. His pride as a Quebecer means he will not tolerate half measures, he will want results. Quebecor will be in the bosom of the company, but in a role of marketing partner and, nationally, the position of Quebecor, or if you prefer in this case Videotron, having just invaded the territory of the Western Canada, it is obvious that this represents a major step towards recognition of the company in a competitive market. 


To In this regard, Videotron could become a business partner, at the marketing level, with certain teams in Western Canada.

Did he not reveal that Quebecor had just made investments of nearly $3 billion in Western Canada in terms of telephony? Therefore, when we analyze the reasons that led it to get involved in the Canadian League, PKP wants Quebecor to have a noticeable presence in this new market, and the Canadian League is an interesting springboard for achieving the objectives.

He will also have the opportunity to rub shoulders with a few owners, also involved in the National Hockey League, which could possibly help the cause of Quebecor. Finally, he wanted to respect his company's commitment to sports in Quebec.

So far, through TVA Sports, its companies play an important role in Canadian and National League hockey, also in women's hockey, Quebec Major Junior League hockey with two franchises. College football has found its niche at
TVA Sports and the ratings are more than satisfactory. Trois-Rivières Lions hockey also has its place.


After several years in which uncertainty pertained to the day-to-day management of the Alouettes, fans growing tired of the poor quality of the show and above all no longer believing in an administration capable of pulling the team out of the quagmire in which it was entangled, the image of the Alouettes should change quickly.

In the world of PKP, there is only one way to achieve the company's objectives, and that is competition. He thrives on the challenges he places on the work table of his close guard.  

He showed this determination that drives him as a business leader, emphasizing that yes, there is competition with Bell Media, adding that competition is a tonic leading to excellence.

The Canadian League has just acquired a dynamic owner. The Canadian League has just been enriched with a concession that will win the confidence of supporters and will give more luster to Quebec football.

Modified evaluation?

Three goals in the last three games. Alex Belzile, at 31, will surely force the Canadiens' decision-makers to revise the evaluation of certain skaters in the organization.

They will dwell on the identity of the players who largely contribute to bringing back this culture which Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes talk about so often.  

When it's not Belzile who stirs up the supporters, it's Rafaël Harvey-Pinard who shines. And Thursday evening, even Anthony Richard who stands out despite a rather limited time of use.

The Canadian surprised. Despite their position in the standings and despite the fact that there were almost $50 million in financial commitments in the infirmary against the Rangers (absence of 12 players), the Habs scared their opponents. Equal in number, he complicated the job of the high earners of Rangers… to the point of having dominated to a certain extent.

Are we to believe that Belzile could be an interesting candidate for a position on the fourth line when the next season begins? At 31, it's late, you'll say… but it's never too late for a mandate that meets the expectations of senior management. The culture, the pride of donning the Habs uniform, they are now more likely to feel this feeling.

They are Quebec skaters ignored for a few seasons who gain in confidence as the hearing continues.  

Brière and the example of St-Louis 

It was to be expected: Chuck Fletcher, who drew a blank with the Philadelphia Flyers, is leaving. 

Team owners have entrusted Daniel Brière, popular with fans of the team, the mandate to finish the season.

And his candidacy will be seriously considered after the season.

Barring any surprises, he will be the all-rounder designated to revive the Pennsylvania concession.

Fine analyst

I imagine that Daniel already has some idea of ​​the decisions he will make if ever entrusted with the guides of the team. He has made his mark in recent years, he is intelligent and he is a fine analyst.

In his search for the position of general manager of the Canadiens, Jeff Gorton had chosen two names: Kent Hughes and Briere. The latter had greatly impressed the decision-makers of the Habs, it was a tight fight with Hughes.

In Philadelphia, to revive the Flyers concession, could Brière take the same route as that of Gorton and Hughes ?

Is John Tortorella the right man to guide the team while respecting a development program concocted by the general manager?

Or, Brière should- is he looking for a trainer in the style of Martin St-Louis? PKP», a relentless owner ” />