Placido Domingo was accused of assaulting 11 women: all the details

The Opera singer was back in the center of the scandal

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Пласидо Доминго обвинили в домогательствах еще 11 женщин: все подробности

Placido Domingo

Another 11 women were put forward in relation to Spanish Opera singer Placido Domingo allegations of sexual harassment. On Thursday reported the Associated Press.

More details about the sex scandal surrounding Placido Domingo find out in the story:

About the misconduct of an Opera singer, in particular, told American singer Angela Turner Wilson. According to her, she was subjected to harassment by Domingo while working at the Washington national Opera in 1999-2000.

Melinda McClain, who served as coordinator of the production Department in the Opera of Los Angeles in 1986-1987, told the AP that tried to leave Domingo alone with young singers in rehearsal halls, especially if he asked for it, and assign as costumers only men.

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Placido Domingo for the first time commented on the sex scandal around his person

“We came up with all these schemes to stay away from certain women singers,” said McClain.

Other victims wished to remain anonymous, explaining that continue to work in the Opera industry and I’m afraid of the consequences of their statements, the Agency said.

Earlier, eight singers and one dancer said that since the end of 1980-ies at different times were subjected to harassment by Domingo. 78-year-old singer said that “the charges 30-year-old from unnamed individuals extremely depressing”. He stressed that he entered into a relationship only by mutual consent.

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