Plan B rewarded at the international level

Plan B récompensé au niveau international

The international career of Plan B has received a new boost on Thursday. Its 2e season, won the award for the best format scripted in the International Format Awards.

Written by Jean-François Asselin and Jacques Drolet, the series in quebec has moved ahead of Almost Family (Usa), Der Pass (Germany), Non Mentire (Italy), Rampensau (Germany), and turbulent Waters, another series here with Hélène Florent.

Designed to highlight the excellence of concepts tv adapted, in the International Format Awards are organized every year by C21 Media, a specialist internet site with 200 000 subscribers, mostly professionals in the field – producers, distributors and broadcasters.

“It’s a showcase for amazing Plan B, “says Louis-Philippe Drolet, who produced the series at KOTV with Louis Morissette and Alain Chicoine. For us, this is super important as price. It makes us a advertising incredible. “

Broadcast on HERE Extra, and then at Radio-Canada, the 2nd season of Plan B starring Sophie Lorain in the role of a popular radio host who goes back in time to prevent her daughter from committing the irreparable. Earlier this week, the simple announcement of the nominations had a lot of enthusiasm for the work, especially in Russia. Louis-Philippe Drolet provides other benefits after this victory, particularly in Spain, Germany and the netherlands, where adaptation options have been signed.

“It gives visibility not only to Plan B, but to all KOTV fact, as The Simone and family Councils. It is very good, especially now. The pandemic of COVID-19 has stopped the shooting of fiction everywhere. The tv channels may not be not able to pick up enough of the original material for the fall. It boosted the interest for all the series already produced, which can be subtitled or dubbed. “

In France

Speaking of filming suspended due to the coronavirus, those of the French adaptation of Plan B (season 2), who were scheduled to start in Marseille in march, covering the period ultimately of September 7 to December 3. Actress Julie de Bona hold the star and TF1 will broadcast the series.

Other good news on the French side, on the season 1, this time : Jean-François Asselin and Jacques Drolet began Tuesday to work on the texts with two new authors. “TF1 doesn’t want to stop after one season “, says Louis-Philippe Drolet.

Filming pushed back

In Quebec, the third season with Pier-Luc Funk will be touring in the spring and not this fall as originally planned. KOTV prefers to wait for a greater relaxation of the sanitary measures of the authorities.

“It is still a little too restrictive for a project like Plan B, “explains Louis-Philippe Drolet. There are scenes of intimacy, scenes of violence… This is not a series where you can make a lot of compromises to play with a social distancing. “

An adaptation of the series in English Canada, for CBC, is also in the works.

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