Planet refugee: mystery of Pluto

In the Universe there is a huge amount of released moons, which are called “planety”

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Планета-беженец: раскрыта тайна Плутона

Astronomers believe that the “planety” should be a frequent occurrence

In stellar systems, some of the moon to escape from their planets and instead begin to rotate around their stars – is the assumption put forward by the astronomers from the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia. Scientists have named the liberated worlds “by planetami” (eng. “ploonets”) and say that modern telescopes ways to discover these strange objects, reports

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Columbia astrophysics reproduced the simulation to see what happens with these moons, if they happen to be orbiting “hot Jupiters”, gas giants that are very close to their stars. Astronomers believe that the “hot Jupiters” are not born so close, but instead migrated to the star with a more distant orbit.

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When a gas giant migrates, the combined gravitational forces of the planets and stars have a stronger influence on the orbit of the satellites, pushing them farther and farther away from our planet, yet in the end they do not fly away becoming “planetary”.

“This process should take place in every planetary system consisting of giant planets in very close orbit. Therefore, objects like Pluto should be a very common phenomenon,” explains Mario Aserca.

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The results of simulation period “escape” from their planets turned out to be a relatively short period – no more than 500 thousand years. More than half of “planet” in experiments, researchers have ended their lives by collision with their planet or star of the “real” has failed for a million years. Only a small percentage remains intact, but the rest of your life they will hold the status of “refugees” on the outskirts of their planetary system, which happened billions of years ago with Pluto.

Astronomers believe that the “planety” should be a frequent occurrence. However, while trying to find them in other systems have failed.

We will remind that earlier the black holes gave scientists a surprise. And recently, astronomers have given a strong signal from deep space.

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