Planet under threat: the Earth is expected to 12 “space attacks”

Планета под угрозой: на Земле ожидается 12 "космических покушений"

The predictions appear Nibiru and aliens.

Guided by a variety of predictions about the end of the world, conspiracy theorists said that 12 “space attacks” awaits the Earth in 2019, writes the with reference to

The first crash was supposed to happen February 23, but as stated by numerologists, the aliens decided to change his plans and postpone the attack on March 18. All the misery associated with the planets. And if our resident “survive”, but this year it will have 11 such episodes.

The most ambitious Apocalypse should occur 6 June because the numbers of date and month in the amount of $ 12.

It should be noted that the official scientific community denies such claims, calling it all bullshit. There is not any evidence that the planets somehow affects the Earth, and in March it is not expected.

As for such a mystical planet Nibiru, the scientists did not confirm that the planet really exists. Having studied Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, the lights have not found it nor any mention of it.

However, Nibiru is not to be confused with a certain “Planet x” whose existence was confirmed at the beginning of 2016 American scientists and astrophysicists Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin. So will it be or not, we just have to wait.


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