Play : 7 stories about Max Boublil that you do not know can not be

Play a movie on 1 January.

Play is the feel good movie of the beginning of 2020. This romantic comedy mode found footage with Max Boublil and Alice Isaaz plays the card of nostalgia for the 90’s. It’s funny, fast-paced and tender. Here are 7 stories about Max Boublil that you never knew could be.

The history of Play : In 1993, Max (Max Boublil ) was 13 years old when he was given his first camera. For 25 years it will not stop filming. The band of friends, the loves, the successes, the failures. Of the 90s to the 2010s, it is the portrait of a whole generation that is emerging through its objective.

Play is a nice surprise not to be missed at the cinema. Max Boublil plays talent with his eternal role of adulescent.

Here are 7 stories about Max Boublil that you never knew could be.

– Max Boublil is the son of a doctor and a screenwriter and writer.

– At the end of the years 90, Max Boublil has acted in many commercials (Hey, Crunch). He has also had small roles in series such as Navarro, Under The Sun. “It was super pubs Yop. To pack the girls, he had to flavor with Yop. I was too happy to do so, and that it goes to the tv. People recognised me in the street. “Ah that is the guy from the pub Yop”. I thought of myself as a star, kind boulard and everything. I was there “yeah I did a few pubs” (laughter)“.

-Confined to secondary roles, Max Boublil tries his hand at stand-up in the mid-2000s before moving on to the humorous song. It is through this connection that he became known to a wider audience.

– Max Boublil is a fan of rock. More particularly of the grunge and rock of the years 90. Nevermind by Nirvana has rocked (or shook rather) his teenage years. He was also a fan of Soundgarden, The Pixies, Pearl Jam or Blink-182.

– His first hit film was the Terminator in 1984. He wanted to be Edward Furlong, who embodies John Connor in Terminator 2 .

-The guilty pleasure of Max Boublil ? Patrick Bruel. The actor knows all his songs by heart.

Play is an autobiographical film for Max and the director Anthony Marciano. “This is a little all our life“, we have-t-he entrusted to us. “We were happy to relive all those moments“.

Play the film from the 1 January.

Play : 7 anecdotes sur Max Boublil que vous ne connaissiez peut-être pas

The poster of the Play.

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