Play together against the game!

Jouer ensemble, contre le jeu!

For the past few years, there has been the emergence of games-cooperative and semi-cooperative where the players combine to win rather than confront.

In this category, the very well-known Pandemic has made school and paved the way for the other.

The theme of this one is so current that it has resurfaced at the top of the sales charts and that it is very difficult to find in certain shops.

As it is archiconnu, we will instead offer you other options may be a little less known, but equally brilliant that will be of interest to a wide audience. And don’t be fooled, even if all the titles are English, the games are in the language of Molière.

Chronicles of Crime

  • 1-4 players
  • 12 years +
  • 60-90 minutes

It is a game that draws a new way, because it is centred around an application. In Chronicles of Crime, you are investigators to solve crimes.

It should first be pointed out that the game is taken in hand in no time, the rules booklet is in fact a leaflet that explains the main lines of the experience, but the learning goes by a survey of introduction, which is in fact a tutorial.

Thus, through an application, you will have access to the crime scene and all the players will be able to inspect it, trying to find clues that will be placed on a game board around which they will add various places and the characters that they will over the course of their investigation.

The principle of the application is simple, everything scan with a QR code, you will be able to ask questions to the characters by scanning various objects and other characters. You also count on experts from the police to assist you in your research.

But be careful, time moves on and there will be a need for speed in the resolution of the investigation.

The base game includes several scenarios and two extensions are added to this bank. In addition, fans of the game have also created scenarios that are available online and it is also possible to buy via the app.

All you need is a smart phone or a tablet.

The Big Book of Madness

  • 2 to 5 players
  • 12 years +
  • 60-90 minutes

You are apprentice wizards who’ve gone to visit a library where you have opened a grimoire prohibited. It is in reality a prison for the monster that you’re going to have to face up to the boss, the big monster, and then be able to close it. To represent the book, it has great cards that we will return as pages and each new page brings a new monster to fight, and the outcome of each battle will affect the following things.

The game features many monster cards, so the game experience is renewed with each part.

Each magician has his card with a power and a starting hand since the game is played with small cards, which combine elements to combat the threat. Your stack of cards will add maps madness that will come and complicate things.

To beat each monster, players must use their cards to remove the cards of forces attributed to the beast, but they will also have to manage their resources since they will also allow them to buy spells that will help them in their quest.

Players will need to collaborate and even share powers to hope to win. It is an excellent game to help children learn to play cooperatively, because despite the age announced 12 years of age and older, a child of eight years can play there without problem.

Mice and Mystics

  • 1-4 players
  • 14 years +

After entering a castle, brave knights are transformed into mice and they will have to work together in order to escape and regain their normal form.

If you think that it is a kind of Dungeons and Dragons, you have not completely wrong, since we find ourselves in a universe of medieval fantasy.

First a point of clarification, although the game is rated 14 years and over, children love this. Mons 10 year old son plays in it even alone without any difficulty.

Thus, the mouse must move in the maze, and especially in the cellars, of the castle in order to talk ourselves out of by facing many critters like rats warriors, cockroaches, a large spider, a centipede (a centipede) and even a big cat.

The game is extremely narrative and is separated in 10 chapters, so that it is possible to play in campaign mode, that is to say that one keeps the equipment of the mouse from one chapter to the other. A few small photos or notes, and the turn is played.

How does it work ? It is simple. The playing surface is represented by large tiles, square reversible, which will be arranged in a variety of ways over the chapters. To defeat opponents, the fighting is done with dice and for the success of a mission, it is necessary that the target will be reached before the end of the chapter. The defeat of the dice, will advance the chapters and the time is represented by a large wheel of cheese. It falls under the sense.

There are six mice in the game, each with its own capabilities and its basic equipment. Each chapter is usually played with four mice pre-determined by the scenario. Interesting detail, from the basic concepts such as moving the mouse, each chapter has its own rules and peculiarities.

The base game includes a large booklet of scenarios containing 10 chapters and extensions allow you to continue the adventure.

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