Playful Nastya Kamensky is loved by millions of men: “Sexy Bambina”

Игривая Настя Каменских влюбила в себя миллионы мужчин: "Секси-бамбина"

Nastya Kamensky, Instagram

today, 08:30

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who recently vacationed in Mexico with her husband Alex Potapenko, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. This time star beauty posted a seductive photo, which appeared in an unusual way. Thus it can be seen that the star pathetic Hamming in front of the camera.

In the first photo Kamensky posing in black topic on thin spaghetti straps, over which threw light voluminous sweater with black embroidery and white embroidery. Her hair is gathered in a sloppy hair that keeps hand on her face, light makeup, and his massive earrings. In the second photo, Nastya appeared in the same outfit, but here a little more showed a dark top. On her head the same hairstyle, but it looks a little different, and here she’s not Hamming for the camera. In the caption to the photo she wrote: “Good morning. Write in the comments what picture do you like better 1 or 2?”.

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Игривая Настя Каменских влюбила в себя миллионы мужчин: "Секси-бамбина"

We will remind, mermaid Kamensky in mini bikini made fans dream.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Kamensky caught in a tender embrace Potap.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Nastya Kamensky has pleased fans with a new geeky photo.

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