Playful nikitiuk covered the naughty place only apples: elegant shape

Игривая Никитюк прикрыла пикантные места лишь яблочками: шикарные формы

today, 00:31

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk pleased with the new photos in Instagram. A celebrity recently bragged to the Storis racy selfie in the mirror, posing in Shanghai, China. So, the actress tried on a translucent white body, covering the chest and buttocks stickers – apples and lit up a slim figure.

Игривая Никитюк прикрыла пикантные места лишь яблочками: шикарные формы

“Swipe and see me without apples,” he intrigued nikitiuk. However, by clicking on the link, you can see something very interesting – a new edition of “Limeslade”, dedicated to the Kherson region. It Les again showed the Ukrainians are unknown and beautiful parts of our country, and even hinted at a rather bad road in the area. A celebrity visited the watermelon contest, played on an unusual musical instrument, visited the famous pink lake, and one of the most beautiful beaches.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Les nikitiuk took part in a popular Ukrainian show “Dances with stars z” and after the first air hurt his hand.

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Also a celebrity finally showed his partner on the show “Tantsi z with a stars”.

And the actress in a white bathing suit and futuristic glasses lit up all the naughty place, and fans were delighted.

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