PlayStation 5 have started to sell at a fabulous price

Well-known retail chain in Europe has opened pre-orders on the PlayStation 5 at a price of $ 1,050

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PlayStation 5 начали продавать по баснословной цене

PlayStation 5 started selling before its official announcement

Only recently, Sony admitted that he is actively engaged in the development of a new PlayStation 5 and a little told about its technical characteristics. However, there was no official announcement or even genuine photos of the PS5. However, the PlayStation 5 has suddenly started to sell on pre-order.

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To pre-purchase game consoles in popular European network of shops of home appliances MediaMarkt. Moreover, it is not some kind of system failure or accident. The store deliberately opened the sale of non-existent PlayStation 5 even before its official announcement.

PlayStation 5 начали продавать по баснословной цене

Shop MediaMarkt opened the sale at a price of SEK 9999 (26,4 thousand hryvnias)

To acquire the desired product can pay 9999 SEK, which is about $ 1050 or 26 400 hryvnia. This price is fabulous, because even if Sony will release in the sale of their offspring with their outstanding features that seem fantastic now, still it would not be worth the money. As history has shown, the price for a new game console must not exceed the “psychological mark” at $ 499.

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Most likely, the seller set the price with an eye on the recent statement by a representative of Sony that the new console will cost more, but in proportion to what she can offer.

PlayStation 5 начали продавать по баснословной цене

PlayStation 5 will get the most top-end graphics accelerator from AMD

The date is not specified as official statements from Sony on this issue have been reported. Now the status of the product designated as “expected.” Also, the seller notes that the technical specifications are subject to change before the release of the console, because they are listed only on the basis of rumors and small bits of information from the head of the company: 7-nm processor AMD Zen 2 with the addition of the Navi and support ray tracing, high speed SSD, as well as full compatibility with games from the PlayStation 4.

Earlier, confirmed the rumors about active development for GTA 6 PlayStation 5. In turn, Microsoft deprived Xbox One key features.

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