PlayStation 5 will be released in 2020 with an innovative controller

Sony also said that is reconsidering a PlayStation controller 5 with the addition of several new features

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PlayStation 5 выйдет в 2020 году с инновационным контроллером

PlayStation 5 will allow players to literally feel videogames

Rumors about PlayStation 5 confirmed – Sony in an interview with Wired has officially announced that their new game console will be released in 2020, just in time for the Christmas holidays. It was at this time in sale Xbox Scarlett Project from Microsoft. Also, Sony confirmed the name of the gaming console – PlayStation 5 without any changes, everything is simple and clear. However, the Japanese company has unveiled some big updates, which will appear in PS5.

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“The name of our game consoles next generation will be the PlayStation 5 (PS5), scheduled for release holiday season sales the end of 2020,” said President and chief Executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan on the official PlayStation blog.

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PlayStation 5 will receive a new DualShock game controller. To replace the usual vibrations coming system tactile feedback. Thanks to it players will be able new way to experience the highlights of the virtual adventure, whether it’s a head-on car collision with a wall or run on the football field. The new technology will allow users to even touch a variety of textures and density of surfaces such as tall grass or puddles of viscous mud.

PlayStation 5 выйдет в 2020 году с инновационным контроллером

One of the prototypes PlayStation 5

Moreover, the controller will receive the so-called “adaptive triggers,” which will expand the ability triggers L2 and R2. Developers will be able to customize the feel of the recoil of these elements gamepad, allowing stroke triggers to simulate different reactions like tension bow combat archery or visit the petrified slope. With new tactile feedback, all of this will allow new way to physically simulate a variety of moments.

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The installation process games on the PlayStation 5 will be markedly different from how it worked on the PlayStation 4. The presence of SSD-drive will allow you to change and simplify the approach to the installation and removal of any digital content. Instead of having to work with whole blocks of data, the new system allows more precisely to filter the necessary information, thus allowing, for example, to install only the multiplayer portion of the desired games, whereas single player campaign can be established later. In a similar way will work, and deleting content, users will be able to remove the game completely and their components.

PlayStation 5 will get a new dashboard that is more flexible and convenient. The operating system of PS4 is quite stingy on the display of relevant information about your game progress and activity of friends, so in PS5 it has undergone considerable processing. The developers aim to give users the ability to have access to all necessary information directly from the home screen. Multiplayer projects will give you a list of different activities of your friends that can instantly join a single game turn, for example, can display the list of available levels and rewards that await you for completing.

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PlayStation 5 will be sold on discs and in digital format. The capacity of playing Blu-Ray media up to 100 GB. The console, by the way, can be used as a 4K Blu-Ray player.

This announcement will not be for many of you a big surprise, but we still wanted to tell our fans, as we prepare gradually introduce more and more new details about the next generation PlayStation.

Earlier, Sony showed how to run games on the PlayStation 5. Was also recently revealed specific details of the game Grand Theft Auto 6.

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