PlayStation 5 will save millions of lives

Game console of new generation from Sony, the PlayStation 5 will deal with climate change

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PlayStation 5 спасет миллионы жизней

Game consoles Sony will save the planet

Company Sony has pledged to make its future gaming console more loyal to the planet. The maker of the popular game consoles outlined his plan to combat climate change at the UN summit in the framework of the Alliance “Playing for the planet”.

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President and chief Executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan said that PlayStation 5 will be more energy efficient than the PlayStation 4. Game console of new generation will be able to work in sleep mode will consume only 0.5 watts of electricity, while the PlayStation 4 consumes up to 8.5 W.

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According to Ryan, if only one million gamers have turned on this feature, it would save electricity for 1000 American homes. Sony will also re-examine the carbon emissions in their data centers.

Moreover, according to the report of the Council on the protection of natural resources for 2014, the PS4 uses about 89 watts when streaming video and about 137 watts in active play. The problem is that the PlayStation 5 is going to be very powerful to support the graphics display resolution up to 8K, and this will require a very large electricity consumption – how much power should the new gaming console, Sony has not responded.

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The Alliance “play for the planet” is an Association of manufacturers of gaming consoles, publishers, developers under various environmental initiatives, information dissemination and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption. In addition to Sony, the Alliance took part Microsoft, Nintendo, Google, Ubisoft, and many less known companies.

In particular, they voiced their plans to improve the environment in their regions following initiatives:

  • Microsoft promises to cut emissions in its supply chain by 30% by 2030, certifies 825 thousand Xbox consoles, as “environmentally neutral”.
  • Google Stadia will release environmental guidelines for the development of games, and also will Finance a study of how the green movement can be effectively incorporated into the gameplay.
  • Ubisoft will develop “green” theme in games and to source materials from factories, specializing in environmentally friendly materials.
  • Sports Interactive will destroy 20 tons of packaging, moving from plastic to recycled materials for all future releases of Football Manager.
  • Rovio (Angry Birds developers) compensate for the carbon emissions from the players charging the device.
  • Niantic Inc (developer of Pokemon Go) undertakes to involve its community in solving environmental problems and preserving the planet.
  • Twitch has pledged to use his platform to spread the importance of conservation of environment among the world’s gaming community.

Earlier, Sony had destroyed the main myth about the PlayStation because of which millions of players was wrong. Also recently Sony have resurrected the “dead” PlayStation 3.

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