Playwright Michel Marc Bouchard saw death up close

Playwright Michel Marc Bouchard saw death up close


Quebec playwright and screenwriter Michel Marc Bouchard suffered a heart attack on Wednesday. He is back home after being taken care of by the coronary intensive care unit of the Montreal General Hospital and by the Royal Victoria Heart Center of the McGill University Health Center (MUHC).

The 65-year-old man, author of the plays Les Feluettes, Les Muses orphelines, Tom à la ferme, Christine, the queen-boy, The Night Laurier Gaudreault woke up and Embrasse collapsed at his home following extreme pain. He underwent emergency surgery.

“My hours were numbered. I was scared,” he wrote this morning on his Facebook page.

The playwright thought, for a few moments, that his time had come.

“All of this made me rethink my life in a hurry. Awake during the operation, tears flowed, tears brought on by all the memories of those moments of happiness, joy, ecstasy, friendships, families and love that I have been showered with all my life . And I thought if that was the end, I would have been the luckiest man ever. I have always found these affected statements and all the winds kitsch, but the few seconds when I said my goodbyes, the perspectives changed, ”he added.

This incident has made me want to express all his gratitude to those who have marked his personal and artistic life and to have made him a better man.

“I would be a little self-effacing and quiet for some time,” he said.

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Michel Marc Bouchard also thanked the paramedics, the emergency personnel of the two hospitals and Dr. Spaziano Marco and his team at the Royal Victoria Heart Center of the MUHC.

“Montreal is privileged to have an immigrant force of unique devotion. It is good press here to break the sugar on our hospital system, on immigrants and on Anglo-Montrealers. I received the best care in the world promulgated by a multiethnic team and Anglos who spoke to me all the time in French with the most beautiful accents,” he wrote.

He also launched a thank you to his spouse, doctor, at the end of his message.

“Thank you to my Louis, my love, my soul, for always being there, in addition to taking care of so many other patients. When I got home, there were flowers, chocolates, fruit juices… and from him.”

Several actors and comedians have reacted since this morning on his Facebook page .

“Oh, my beautiful Michel Marc! “The strong man of Lac-Bouchette!” had a little weakness!!! Kiss you very much, ”wrote Louise Latraverse.

“Prompt recovery my darling! My heart with yours! “said Anne-Marie Cadieux

“Hallelujah for your repaired heart and all my wishes for a quick recovery. Thank you for your message and thank you for reminding us that together we are better,” said Patrick Corrigan, general manager of the Opéra de Montréal, who collaborated on the opera La beauté du monde, whose the booklet was written by Michel Marc Bouchard.

“Take good care of yourself Michel Marc! Little Repaired Heart still has a lot to tell,” added actress Lise Castonguay.