Pleased to investigate the Islands

Le plaisir d’enquêter aux Îles

I go on vacation in investigating ! And it does so in a novel that seems written on purpose for this was 2020, while the destination is the more exotic for Quebec is called… the Îles-de-la-Madeleine. A world that has its touch of mystery.

This is not the first time that Jean Lemieux, prolific author, explores the Îles-de-la-Madeleine in his work. It is the same there that he had made known his detective fetish, André Surprising. Some works have already allowed to follow the investigations madelinoises of it.

In The Ladies Havre-Aubert, sixth title of the series of surveys Surprising, it may be, became a detective sergeant in the major crime at police Service of Montreal, he will take over management of the Islands.

And it happens a bit by accident.

The manager of a shop of pawnbroking has been found murdered in the borough of Verdun, a neighborhood favorite of many Islanders settled in Montreal. This is the case of the manager that we killed.

However, André Surprising is on the point of go on vacation to the Islands, where he so long worked. Could he not enjoy her presence there and her contacts to lend a hand in the investigation ? he calls his boss.

His stay therefore takes on a new twist, with a rich plot that involves the mafia wars and the drug trade on the south seas, on the bottom of the enchanting Islands. And new corpses are added.

Surprising, then, attempts to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle, but at the pace of a policeman who, without a very clear mandate, survey on foot on a corner of the earth where the arriving tourists in the month of August.

It smells like the mystery as much as idleness. The violence of the streets of the city and the wind is salty cliffs of the Islands. The hardness of the criminal life and the picturesque of the Islands. We are conquered.

And even if André Surprising has already a past of fiction, it is not necessary to have read the previous books to find. Jean Lemieux slips the necessary information in order not to lose its readership.

As if we were there

The finale of the book does not cause a great surprise. It might appear to be a weakness for a mystery novel, but in this case, this is not an issue.

The important thing is elsewhere : in the character camped in what is André Surprising, as in the manner in which the author contrasts the condescension of investigators from elsewhere to Islanders who have seen other.

Not to forget the clever way he has of making us travel in unforgettable scenery, while keeping us hooked with a plot at multiple levels.

As a connoisseur of the Islands, Lemieux also knows how to tell about the everyday life, beyond the images of postcards. As if we were there, which is to be relished better than ever when we go out to a large containment.

Really the polar ideal for an escape to summer, real or dreamed !

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