Plus belle la vie : a Drag Queen arrives at the Mistral for the first time

Plus belle la vie : a Drag Queen arrives at the Mistral for the first time

The upcoming episodes of Most beautiful the life will be marked by a major first : a Drag Queen out in the Mistral. Why ? With whom is she related ? The mystery remains, but first a video has already been posted online by France 3.

Plus belle la vie is not about to lose its status as a series the most open of tv in France. After you have staged the first gay marriage, then addressed the theme of the transidentité Рrecruiting to this effect on the first actor transsexuals in a French series, the next plot of the Mistral will again move the lines.

A new heroine-the Mistral

Indeed, as one can discover in a preview environment with a future episode, a Drag Queen will make its appearance for the first time in the streets of Marseille. Obviously, it will not be the first character of his kind to appear in a work of fiction. However, as to suggest the teaser (see above), the mystery surrounding his identity makes us think that it will have a real place in history, where a lot of Drag Queen staged in the series or films in France are often sentenced to stay in the background, play the extras.

The question we can now ask is the following : with which character worship of the Mistral wind, this Drag Queen will it be linked ? And most importantly, what angle will be addressed by the writers through this plot ? See you in a few days/weeks to find out.

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